Is it important to match amps for LCR speakers?

I am setting up a HT system and was wondering what ya'lls thoughts were on using a different amp for the cetner and the LR speakers. I want to use the Odyssey Straos amp for my left and right speakers and a separate 3ch Rotel or B&K amp (cheaper$$) for the center and surrounds. The other option which is a little more expensive would be to get the Odyssey Stratos HT3 3ch amp for the LCR speakers and a B&K ST-140 for the surrounds. The speakers are Paradigm Studio 60, CC, and 20v.2, and the processor is a B&K Ref. 20Plus. Which way would you go and why?
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I've done it every way possible, and I finally ended up with every channel on identical amp systems. Different manufacturers and even different amps in the same line respond to pre outs differently, and cause shifts in balance at various volumes, making your (read it did mine to me) HT seem to come in and out of balance at different volume levels (both on the pre/pro and from the movie). I would strongly recomend even using the 2 channel amp for the fronts (L/R) and the three for the center and rears.

Just my 0.02.
I use different amps for all the channels. I'm a 2ch guy and the mis match doesn't bother me in the slightest. HT is great for me this way. I just don't critique it as others do;I just enjoy.