Is it good idea to buy a 20 years old Accuphase C-290V

Since the  current high end gears are quite expensive, so I have no much choice but to find some good 2nd gears even it might be some years of ages.  We know Accuphase is a famous brand for it's reliability. In fact, I am a bit hesitate to buy an old one like this which still cost US$6000 in the 2nd hand shop in Taipei.  How about the audiophiile's idea and suggestions? 

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Accuphase are second to none in their reputation for build quality and durability, as you note.  However, buying from a second-hand shop you typically have no information relating to how the piece has been used or maintained over twenty years.  $6K is a lot of money to spend and you might consider that the same outlay will get you a top-flight piece new with warranty, or late-model used.  It's usually between 20 and 30 years of age when components first require substantial attention, though this varies of course.  There's no denying that the C290V is a seductive piece.