Is it good for a Krell to SIT for 3-5yrs

I have been told that the worst thing you can do is let a big Krell sit in its box for years.I was told the caps all dry out especially if it has not been serviced for 10yrs.I am looking for a KSA 300s but they are all just sitting in the closet then coming out for Big Bucks.Is this not bad for them?
It is not good for any amp and Krells cost a lot to recap. A technician friend was given a Krell by someone who didn't want to spend the money; so far he hasn't either. But each case is different, I was largely inactive in audio for 12 years and some of my amps sat in the box. They are working fine but they are not Krells.
I'm not sure how NOS amps will do as an investment either?
I have heard many horror stories of amps that have sat for extended periods , I think you should look for an amp that has been used regularly . If you find one at a honey of a price , you may want to talk to Krell first and make sure it can be recapped and at what price .
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Funny you should ask...I had a Krell CD-DSP that was updated by Krell to Mark 2 status. I packed it in the original box and stored it in the garage for a couple of
years. When I unpacked it, it only worked as a transport.
I sold it to someone who found the problem. One of the
chips was rusted and needed to be replaced. My advice would be to store high-end items where temperature variations are at a minimum.
Well I have been in touch with the 300s amps for sale and one in NY wants $3500 and it has never been serviced and sat for 5yrs..he wont budge
the other was $3600(no box) and sat for 3yrs in plastic untouched??
At this price range I would look at something like a McCormick 500, there is one on here now for $3495. Much newer and .IN MY OPINION, would sound better.
I was in touch with Adam,the one for $3500 and he thinks it doesnt matter that this amp has a destoyed box($300) and never serviced($1300+shp) in 17yrs.He figures that tough luck for someone I guess.
I woldn't worry too much if the amp still works. If anything, caps dry up faster (due to heat) when the amp is used ! The life expectacy of every cap shortens with temperature.
Large capacitors lose their form over time and no use. I don't know how to explain this further. I'm an electrical engineer, but I'm tired and my brain isn't on yet I guess. If amps sit for an extended period the capacitors will degrade and when subjected to voltage later, they may and probably will fail. This is why it is always good to turn an amp on every few months if they are in storage. to charge the caps and have them keep their form. It is very easy to check. Have a technician use a variac and slowly bring the voltage up to nominal voltage and let it sit for awhile. A slow charge sometimes will allow the caps to re-form if they have been sitting for some time. After that, you are good to go. However, I would not recommend plugging it in and just turning the thing on if it has been sitting for a long period. Slow voltage increase with a variac is the way to go.

Yes!!! Krell is not at its best unless properly aged in a "Krellar". This is similar to a wine cellar with controlled humidity and temperature. The serious audiophile keeps storage records and carefully monitors his stash so as to not mature the critical Krellulites at too rapid a pace.

If you have heard a bad sounding Krell it is because the owner did not take these precautions. I thought everyone knew this.
I bought one last year paid $3600 , month later had to send it to Krell , cost $2100 for Recap including shipping both way . so anyone who is buying krell stuff cost in the Repair , All Krell old stock is due for servcie .
It's not good for any amp to sit for extended periods of time in the garage or uncontrolled room (as everyone has pointed out -- rightly so).
If you buy a Old Krell -- older than say 10yrs -- Plan on getting it refurbished (be Happy)-- Yes expensive, but if you can't afford it put your money somewhere else -- It amazes me when talking about expensive amps the hesitation people have about putting money into a very complex and top of the line amp. If you don't want to upgrade (which is a good service Krell provides for all there late model amps and products) buy a newer model (cost just as much as an old upgraded amp (3500 + 1500 upgrade = $5,000.00 so look for a $5,000 dollar amp if you don't want to upgrade).
I upgraded/Refurbished (in 2009) an old KSA-100s amp -- ($1250 plus shipping $150.00) originally paid $4000.00 for it in 1996 -- Out of pocket over the last 16 yrs ($5400.00) (Not including electricity)-- It is a brand new amp now and sounds great -- I have upgraded/refurbishe my KPS-28c and KCT pre also for (~350.00 and 425.00) -- I appreciate being able to have this done -- try doing that with other high-end comapnies with products that are no longer in production let alone 15 yrs or older.
Hey these types of amps are not cheap and never where intended to be cheap -- but compared to the competition on serviciability -- Krell is good Not Perfect -- and shipping on any Krell amp is expensive -- no brainer -- If you want to make music with the old big amps ---- Be prepared to spend some money -- If not save that $1500 upgrade/refurbish and look to Sony, Denon, Yamaha, Honda, Ford, Buick, Toyota...

One more comical observation -- what is with the -- get the video online (another thread)-- How to recap/refurbish a Krell? DIY no experience necessary -- step by step -- Really! --- WOW -- amazing -- someone was actually responding to this!!

- Bottom Line -- If there is hesitation about buying an Old Krell and you can't afford to upgrade it -- Save your money until you can afford the amp! (simple basic financial thinking -- no need to blog about how expensive it is -- It's a great service for Krell owners)

Yea -- I know wordy-blog soap-boxey -- It's extremely Cold and I'am trapped in my home -- Good thing for the benefit of a nice refurbished/upgraded krell space heater -- smile!
Now let's melt some snow!

Minorl - thanks for your expert opinion ! You learn sth new everyday.
Krells use alot of Nichicon caps and I have had to rework a ca. 1998 amp board in a Krell where it had 28 of those caps installed as bypasses or something. A third of them were leaking. One shorted a power buss. The cost of new Nichicon equivalent caps was not great, to replace all 28 of them. If a third are bad, the rest will follow soon. Was just a PITA to install them but not expensive. Now if you send to the factory, expect a huge huge bill that might force you to sell and alot of waiting. Good luck with that.
Thank you very much gents.Please keep the posts coming!
I have been looking for a 300s for awhile now and I have found several DEALERS/AUDIOPHILES(people who know better)who donnot care about the next guy and knowingly sell these items at a price that should be asked for a fully serviced/used price.Solo8008 is a prime example(sorry to hear)of this and I want to make it aware for the next generation as they will be the future of hi-end audio.
I still believe these older workhrses can fill a room with joy if they are rebuilt and in good shape.I have learned alot about caps here also.
Thanks for the heads up but I already knew enough to avoid Krell. There's so much other really wonderful stuff out there I can't be bothered with overpriced pretenders.
Not to avoid Krell...Just make sure Dealers/sellers dont take advantage of you.I have been searching for a KSA300s that was a 9/10 and serviced...AND found one that was just recapped last May and in 9/10 condition for a ""FAIR""" price.They are out there.
But funny thing was that I contacted 4 dealers who are selling some 12+yr old amps,never serviced(or maybe only one was out of 2 monoblocks)and act as if there overpriced Item is a DEAL. So watch out.
Well I have to say that the 300s that I am going to sell is a killer amp.It is fully recapped and this is the only way to buy these amps.Do not buy a 17 yr old KSA 300s unless it has been recapped($1500)...unless you get one in good shape for $1500.They have great bass and sonics.I had to get a 600(minimum) for my big speakers.Dont let the critics fool you when they say negative things about this amp.I have had the KSA 250/300s & FPB 600c/700cx.
McSound: Just my 2 cents worth. Suggest you try a Sanders Sound Systems Magtech amp before you jump on a Krell. I owned a Krell FPB-200 for several years. The Sanders is a better sounding amp in every respect IMHO and you can try it for 30 days at no charge and it comes with a lifetime warranty. What do you have to lose by trying it? 500 watts into 8 ohms, 900 watts into 4 ohms and it will deliver that 900 watts down to l ohms. Check Sanders website and give them a call. You wont be sorry I think. Good luck in whatever you decide upon.