Is it double taxation?

It is my first time to bid on E-bay. The invoice listed .0825% for sales tax. Is it some sort of double taxation since the original owner already paid sales tax when he made purchase ?
"NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION" Oh oh. I can already tell where this one is going.
anytime a sale takes place, the government is allowed to get their share. Double taxation? Sure, could have been taxed 6, or 7, or 8 or more times.

If what you state is true, used car dealers would never have sales tax added to their sale.
As S7horton says, the tax isn't on the item, it's on the transaction.
I bought used stuff from audiogon but seller(s) never asked for sales tax. Never run across a listing in this web-site that the seller ask for sales tax up-front or back end. Do you? So what the difference between e-bay and audiogon?
Andrew--a private deal---betweeen private parties has no sales tx. Many dealers whom advertise here tell you up front in their ads---residents of their state will be charged tx.
Avguygeorge is correct--the eBay seller is a dealer and must PAY salestax and is allowed to pass it to the least that's the way it works in AZ.
As S7horton says, the tax isn't on the item, it's on the transaction.

The tax being charged though is probably the transaction taking place between the seller and ebay...
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Your income is taxed 35-45% and then you spend it at a store and pay taxes on the sale. The business owner pays 35-45% income tax on that. He then spends the income at a store and it starts over again. For every dollar the Federal Gov't spends it gets back $8.00. That's why the government issues bonds/borrows money and then spends it.
"For every dollar the Federal Government spends, it gets back $8.00"
Then why do we have a deficit? The Federal Government should have enough money to not collect taxes for the next 1600 years.

Taxation with representation hasn't been so great either :)

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