Is it cabin fever or what???

Am I mistaken, or lately I see a lot of posts that seemingly are only started for the wrong reasons? They seem incredibly antagonistic, basically just being thrown out to garner a reaction. Somewhat like yelling "FIRE" in a movie theater. I try to refrain from such ridiculous threads, but they sure seem to draw a lot of responses. Some of these threads have been the most flat boring reading I have seen on this site. And the other reaction I have is, "Who cares?". Even if these people did believe what they are saying, the only reactions they engender are anger or boredom. Does anyone else share my opinions?
I am with you Trelja, but find it hard not to snip back. Perhaps I will go listen to a few "Bella Ciao" tracks everytime I feel so inclined. David
I agree too Trelija. I'm reasonably new but it is in serious decline. I think Audiogon have blew it too with their revamp. Now I've seen a few threads that are obviously designed to win points and frankly they've been done before and are dull as ditchwater. The petty vendetta's too have spoiled threads and I see a fair bit of hypocrisy surrounding this too,who cares who started it if it's going to go on and on and on? Audiogon keeps this forum because they are in buisness,nothing wrong with that, everybodys got to eat but they are only interested in being fair when it suits..take the Hello Hi-fi debacle how much of a cover up was that? Flamers have taken over because the threads are not being managed properly and throwing it back to us won't solve it...what's happened since the revamp? It's got worse that's what. Personally I only use Audiogon for the forum,the ability to buy and auction is great but not practical if you live in the UK. I will have the odd look and search anything I'm interested in but otherwise I'll be visiting less.
Don't feel bad Ben. I feel the same way about some of the great UK auctions on Ebay for classic gear (the last being for the last batch of Harbeth LS3/5a's produced, the shipping was murder), I live in LA.
I too am new to the site (less than a year) but while I acknowledge that some threads are less than stimulating it is inevitable. I haven't read too many that I sensed have been started simply for effect. I believe most of the posters are sincere if perhaps somewhat misguided sometimes. This hobby of ours and particularly the end of the means engenders passionate reactions in most of us. I have seen more insincere posts about gear than I have about music and as long as it stays that way I won't worry too much. This forum can be a great place to learn about the depth of music and the means to that end. Good , lively discussion; bring it on. As for the clowns: "who cares"; the AudiogoN world is not coming to an end nor will it be in a state of decline as a result of the few. Happy listening. By the way, to anyone who hasn't already, check out the Joe Henderson Big Band CD. Smoking!
Thanks, Frogman. That's why I come here. BTW, are you an ex SEAL or UDT w/ such a handle?
Audiogon is a great site - we would not criticise its minor imperfections so much if we did not already value it highly - we would have just walked away, like we did with the other sites. I see its growth as inevitably causing its focus to diminish. But I don't see it as a problem if we learn to use it like a newspaper - noone reads everything yet everyone gets to read what is of interest to them, most of the time. I know what you mean Dekay - as I am sure you have noticed, I have gotten drawn into some meaningless jousts, but I think I have learned I don't enjoy it and so I think I have kicked the habit. Good luck.