Is it best to stay in the same family????

I am considering replacing my ARC PH3se phone pre amp with an Aesthetix Rhea phono. My line stage is the ARC LS 25 mkl which I am happy with. However, is it best to keep components within the same family lineage? Will I be better off (my dealer will I'm sure) with replacing with LS 25 with the Aesthetix Calypso line stage????

Comments please...thanks
In this case I would say;leave the family.---It's the only family you can leave. Then save up and get their won't get as many goodies on your b'-day. The price one must pay!!
The Rhea is an awesome phono preamp, it is worth an audition. Sometimes there is some family synergy, but sometimes the upgrade outways the family synergy. Is there a way you can try the Rhea in your system? If it sounds better, to you, than the PH3se, buy it. Be happy and enjoy the music it makes. If (yeah, right) the upgrade bug bites again, then look into the Calypso. I wouldn't say that if you buy the Rhea that you have to buy the Calypso.

That being said, I did wind up buying a BAT preamp about 9 months after buying a BAT phono preamp. But take your time, take one step at a time, and don't feel 'pushed' into taking the next step. If you like the new sonic direction, you may feel compelled to go further in that direction. That's all.