is it best to leave my Marantz SA15 cd power on..

is it best to leave my Marantz SA15 cd player power to ON all the time ?

Hi there, I'm wondering whether it's best to leave my Marantz SA-15 cd player to power on all the time, I could not find any power off in the remote control button (just like on televisions) and I don't think it automatically shuts off neither. The reason I asked is that my other cd player (Micromega stage 5) has the power button at the back and I believe the recommendation is to leave it on all the time, it's good for the sound quality ? and my Micromega cdp automatically shuts the laser off when not in used anyway..
I always leave my cdp on,unless the unit has a standby mode.If I turn the power off,it takes a day for it to sound good again.Some of the players I've had in the past had tubes and I left those on as well.
Hi Montejay, thanks for your reply, leaving the player on all the time..won't this affect the burn in LED display overtime ? how about the laser, do you reckon the system automatically switches the laser off when no activity otherwise it might reduce the laser lifespan ?

I've currently set the blue illumination permanently off (by pressing the display button on the remote for 2 secs) and pressed display once to lit the red light so that the front LED display turns off but only while playing though, it would be nice to continously let the LED display off even when the player is on standby mode (especially at night), so at the moment I switch the system off when not in use..I wonder how many times I can turn the power switch on/off before it fails ;-)
Hi Matadortf,
I am pretty sure that all lasers turnoff when not in use.
I can't comment on display burn in.My current cd has a standby.I do leave the display off most of the anyways and prefer listening that way.Leaving it on has had an effect at all from what I experienced. I have an eight year old dvd player that has never been off(save for the odd outage)ever.