Is it BAD to place CDP/DVP on top of RCVR?

In order to make room for outboard amp to power front 2-3 channels of HT system, I would need to move DVD/CD player on top of a Pioneer vsx49tx HT rcvr. Is that BAD? The pioneer doesn't run too hot, and probably much less so with outboard amp for front 2 or 3 chnls, but will heat from rcvr affect dvd/cd player?. Any other issues (interference, platform stability, etc) from this setup that will affect playback? Thanks much...Jeff
It is wrong for a couple of reasons. Heat is almost always a factor because once you place a unit on top of the receiver you will affect the airflow. In addition you have the issues of large power supplies which may not be adequately shielded, and a final issue of isolating the player from any vibration. Does this affect the sound? Possibly, and only you will know.
agree with Tgrisham....don't do it..heat issues, ventiliation etc but proximity to receiver's power supply could affect the sound quality....however, I don't know your equipment and it might have no negative effect other than the ventilation issue.
if you need to stack the smart move is to put the receiver on top of the dvd player-
1) heat is bad for electronics,the receiver has some,the dvd doesn't-heat rises-nuff said
2) more importantly, the dvd player will appreciate being "mass loaded" so it will spin more accurately with less energy- flywheel effect
If you gots too - use feet or a shelf between them. For instance Vibrapods or Isoblocks and a maple shelf or a Symposium or Black Diamond or even glass or lucite. Then put something (depending on the surface) under the DVD player.

I do like Lenkspks notion of mass loading the DVD player by putting it on the bottom. The reason to use tweaks with a CD or DVD player is to deal with the vibration in the motor etc. Theory being that the less the laser is vibrated by its environment the better read you are going to get.

The DVD is far and away the more critical of the two pieces so work to optimize your picture.
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Despite the hue and outcry I'm sure to hear, here's my advice - place the CDP on top of the receiver and monitor the situation. If the CDP or receiver seem to get too hot, take it off. It really isn't going to make much difference, sound-wise, despite what the others say. Try it, you'll see...