Is it a problem to have a DAC feeding a DAC?

I'm new to all this, but I want to get a Bluetooth receiver and plug it into a Hegel H80 for wireless streaming.  All of the better Bluetooth receivers seem to have a built in DAC.  So the Bluetooth DAC would be feeding the Hegel DAC.

Is that a problem for any reason.  Am I missing something...should I be looking at a different solution for wireless streaming?
Get a streamer with a digital output then you are feeding the Hegel a digital data stream. The streamer's DAC only comes into play if you use the analog outputs.
If you are not set on Bluetooth I would recommend you spend a whooping $25 for a Chromecast Audio puck. Almost anything that can stream Bluetooth can now stream to a CC Audio puck with a downloaded app. You can buy an output RCA cable for it that then puts analogue out into your Hegel DAC. I believe CC Audio is a higher quality audio than Bluetooth.

Chromecast Audio is a great, low cost way to get into audio streaming and really get a good feel for how everything works.  You can latter spend big bucks when you have a better idea of what is right for you.
Oops, I meant to say a Toslink out that puts out a Digital signal into your Hagel. The CC Audio has it's own DAC that you can bypass with digital out.
I totally agree with @1extreme 's suggestion of the Chromecast Audio.  It really is a great performer especially at it's very low price.  While it does sound pretty darn good using it's own built in DAC, sound quality will improve if you feed a digital stream(mini toslink) to a quality outboard DAC.

What is your budget? If ~$400, I'd suggest a Bluesound Node 2 which not only supports BT but might even sound better than your built-in DAC when playing other streaming sources/services.