Is it a gender disorder?

I know this might be a subject that will stir the pot in a not so good way but I have to ask. Is it truly a gender issue when it comes to appreciating and hearing the difference between a quality system and my old portable am radio? With my wife I truly believe that she can’t tell the difference and is content listening to sound from any end speakers. If it is more of a case that she just does not care why not. I can’t tolerate hearing poor quality sound and would rather not listen if it is that bad. It is the same with tv she can’t tell the difference between 1080p and 420.
So is it a gender defect or just someone who is that uninterested?
Yes, I believe for the most part it is gender driven, with the caveat that there are exceptions to that rule. My wife is fine listening to music on her I phone and or through the speakers in the tv, I on the other hand can listen to the same only as back ground music or in passing and even then find it a bit irritating. I have to say though, when she does listen with me through my system that she does enjoy it and understands why I have done what I have done as far as system building. Enjoy the music
It is not a disorder and it is not "a gender issue."
There was a period of a few years where I was crazy active with audiophiles, going to meetings, having them over, and visiting their systems. This was back in the 90's, Black Diamond Racing Cones were new and I was taking them around trying them out everywhere. Many, many times. Almost invariably the guy would have a whole thing he put himself through straining to hear and agonizing over what if anything he could hear. Then at some point from the kitchen the wife who seemed to not be paying any attention at all as she puttered around cooking or whatever would say, "Whichever ones those are now are better, you can really hear the singer." Something like that. Time after time after time. 

This one audiophile, his condo was crammed with all last years Stereophile Class A gear, and first time I heard it was one of those deals where you do a double take to see if he swapped the CD you handed him because it sounds nothing like what you expected. I do NOT mean that in a good way. The sound was practically unlistenable. Classe, Genesis, MIT, on and on. All the best most highly regarded sought after gear of the day.  One of the worst price/performance systems I ever heard. 

They are over one night and after a while his wife sneaks up to me with this amazed dreamy can't believe its true look on her face and very quietly confides in me, "I could listen to this all night!" 

Never underestimate the female talent for deception. They hear way better than you think.