Is it a crazy idea to use a multi-amp as a st-amp?


I got a Parasound HCA-2205AT multi-channel solid amp and want to use it as a stereo amp with bi-amp configuration, since this amp doesn't come with the bi-wired posts.
All five channels are identical, 220 watts RMS x 5 @ 8 ohms.
Here is how I am going to do.
Channel 1 & 2 for left speaker with bi-amped.
Channel 4 & 5 for right speaker with bi-amped.
Channel 3 is currently idle, may be use it for center or subwoofer in future.

Now the problems is I can't find out two sets of line-out from my pre-amp, or set of set direct output from the source?

I need to have a custom made Y-cable for this purpose, this makes me frustrated on how to maintain the requirement input impedance, 33kohms for the amplifier, if I parallel the input this will half the input impedance, I certainly not want to do that, maybe I need to build a simple network or an extra following stage for this requirement? Thanks!
If you are running any type of "standard" SS preamp, i don't see any problem with splitting the signal and loading it into what would be an appr 16.5K ohm impedance. There are several ways to do this though and what method you choose will probably end up being based on budget and convenience. Sean
my setup is exactly like you were proposing. I have a 5-channel amp. The way I have mine set up is w/ a Y-adaptor from the output of my pre-amp to 2 sets of interconnects going into four of the five channels of my amp. Then I have two runs of speaker wire going to my speakers.

I really like this setup, though it gets expensive w/ the extra run of speaker wire + the extra set of ic's. I also wonder if my Y-adaptors end up being a bottleneck or not.

The nice thing is that each driver now has it's own dedicated amp channel for power.
Good luck!
You might also want to look at the Audioquest interconnects as listed in the middle of this page at Audio Advisor. While i know it lists them as "subwoofer interconnects", they could be used for anything that you like. The only reason that they are subwoofer interconnects is that they feed two channels from one connector and are of longer length. If need be, you could always have them cut them to length and re-terminate them. This would get rid of the Y adapter / splitter and minimize two cables, resulting in both a cleaner and clutter free installation. Whether or not you like AQ cables or this specific idea is up to you.

If you don't want to use their cables, you could always incorporate this idea into a cable of your own making. All you would need is a pair of "standard" RCA jacks and one RCA that has an oversized barrel. This would allow you to fit two runs of cable into the oversized barrel, in effect giving you a junction point without the need for a splitter. Sean