Is is live or is it....?

This past year I have had the great good fortune to hear a number of my favorite singers in concert. Of course, I usually go into a frenzy of playing all their work before & after the concert.

My question... Which singers/songwriters have you found were most true-to-live when you compare their live performance to their recordings?

For instance:
* Lyle Lovett came by a couple of weeks ago and did a two-person acoustic show. When I listen to his latest "It's Not Big, It's Large" CD, I found it hard to compare because most of the numbers have a lot of singers/production and accompaniment. By contrast to the live, it sounds over-produced, altho when I bought it, I thought it was a good-sounding CD
* Joan Osborne sounded terrific in person, and electric. Her CD (which I bought at the concert) "Breakfast in Bed" is really disappointing by contrast.
* I heard Vienna Teng three times in concert this past year. Her "Waking Hour" and "Warm Strangers" CD's do a very good job of capturing her tonality, range and expressive lines. Her latest, which she was largely playing when I saw her a couple of months ago, "Dreaming Through the Noise" was not nearly as revealing and true-to-life compared to the reality
* Margo Timmons of Cowboy Junkies was in town, and I found her most compelling when she sang some of her older songs. Lately, it seems, she is lost in the mix, which is what her concert sounded like too. So the CD's are true to life!

What performers have you heard live whose performances were "true-to-life" on CD?
i agree with your observations, but recorded music was always meant to sound...dare i a recording. its a different experience intirely.
Have I bumped into you in the beer line at The Ridgefield Playhouse?
" Have I bumped into you in the beer line at The Ridgefield Playhouse?"

One of my venues... could be! I also hang out a lot at Coda.

Did you stay for the meet and greet with Margo & Michael?