Is improvisational jazz to impressionism art as smooth jazz is to realism art?

So, I’ll acknowledge up front, I’m an engineer. Civilian and Warfighter lives can be in the balance depending on whether our company products perform as required or not. As a result, I try very hard to drive the entropic world we live in towards black and white as much as possible. I need to put order to chaos. When i look at art, impressionistic art requires a lot of mental work to make sense of. I just don't see it or get it, appreciate it or like it. I also find, as hard as i may try to enjoy improvisational jazz, that i don't get it, appreciate it, or like it. Instead, I love Realism art and instrumental smooth jazz!!
Reading from Audiogon forum pages for a couple of years now, i feel like i should feel inferior because 1. I don’t appreciate the free flow of expression that is improvisational jazz and 2. I love that there is a tune and thread in smooth jazz. I love the guitar artistry of Chuck Loeb, Chris Standring, and Acoustic Alchemy; the trumpet expressions of Rick Braun, Cindy Bradley, and Chris Botti; and the bass works of Brian Bromberg. 
I’m curious if there are many others out there that equate order (or lack there-of) in their music tastes to that of their taste in the visual arts?
Also, are there many other music lovers who would rather enjoy a good smooth jazz listening session than improvisational jazz?  If so, who do you listen to?
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@yuviarora I am replying in public because I never pointed anyone out, several people turned this thread into a political view, not just you, and nothing in my post was political. And then you went and insulted me. Why? I did look up the CIA and art as I never heard that before and yes, I doubted it, but I did my own research and found it very interesting. Thank you.  I will not get into your comments about vaccines, it’s not a good use of my time, but  I will ask you to do research on who (meaning both person and party)  pushed through the “right to work” laws that allowed your company to get rid of you for not getting the vaccine. Are you willing to educate yourself like I did when you asked me? 
Wow... a lot of philological thought, personal experience and diverse opinions went into these responses, with very little attitude or bullying (ok some, but not what usually takes place here).
I agree with the majority of what I read and would only add... If it makes your Toe Tap (regardless of classification) is Good... Be it improvisational (Jazz), highly structured (Classical), in visual/mental focus (Realism) or purposely impaired (Abstract). 
To each His Own, as long as it does not harm others...

Peace, Out...
If my musical enjoyment is considered “paint by numbers” by some then that’s their prerogative to judge me.
Dude, it was a joke. Well, mostly :) 
@deadhead1000 I am glad you took the time to research my claim about the CIA funding of Abstract Art, the claim sounds fantastical and tin foil hat, but this is what they do, outside of the overt dismantling of Democratically elected Governments Foreign and Domestic.
The other claim I made is also supported by undeniable, incontrovertible evidence...lawsuits, FOIA disclosures, expert testimony, mathematical analysis, you name it.
And yes, I do know the part the Republican party played in establishing the Right to work laws.... I am not a Republican, and I am not saying one political party is better than the other. The Dismantling of the American State is a Bipartisan Agenda, both sides are controlled by these multinational banking corporate conglomerates.
I also would not like to get into a Clot Shot debate on this audio forum, but I have friends and members of my family that have been injured by it.... The Coercion, threats, and rhetoric being aimed at people that are refusing to comply is in direct violation of the Nuremberg Code... but that is another conversation.

The Government is threatening businesses with crippling fines if they have unvaccinated employees, in a month’s time my family and I will not be able to do anything outside of going to a grocery store.... and even the ability to do that is being debated. Can’t fly, can’t work, can’t travel, can’t do anything.
How long before people have no choice but to revolt?

I know this is an audio forum, sorry for bringing up all this here.....but more and more it seems like you can’t talk about any of this stuff anywhere.

PS: I went to a "Jazz" show a few months ago, improvisational jazz ( I am fan of the regular jazz genre) and I walked out of that show with some Ear damage, I am convinced of it. The acoustics in that place, placement of speakers, and above all...The Music, if you can call it that, was sooo bad, that a friend of mine blurted out "what the hell" in the middle of a set, loud enough for the band to hear it.
The most amazing part of the night was people clapping, cheering and pretending like what we heard was worth the $30 price of was quite puzzling for everyone in my party.
Couldn’t help but think of the CIA as this was happening :)