Is High End Cable Really Worth It and What Brand

Hello. My system is almost complete. I'm just waiting for the Dynaudio Center to arrive and my McIntosh AV system will be up and running. The dealer wants me to change out my speaker cable (which I paid a lot for), claiming I will get much better performance out of the dynaudio speakers. The cable I bought (from another dealer) was expensive, but not by the standards of what I'm being told I need. Any advice here would be most appreciated. Is it worth $500.00 of cable? I don't want to have things just for the concept. I will pay if the results are real. I just don't know. Thanks for your advice.
I can't recommend a particular cable for your system, but if you're unsure, get him to loan you several cables to audition. Do the same at a few other local stores so you get a variety of cables, and then decide for yourself. Do some research (here, or on Audio Asylum) and then set a price range.

If you don't think they make a difference, don't spend the money. There are some very good cables available without breaking the bank. Or you could try the DIY route, and build your own.

Good luck and have fun.

Good advice from JD, but I must add YES they do make a difference. I have gone from Monster to Tara to Audio Quest to Audio Majic and now Cardas. Ironically I wanted to buy Cardas years ago but didn't due to the investment.
But I must add that I would not fully appreciate the Cardas had I not taken the route I took.
AudioGon is a great place to find cables once you make a decision.
Happy Hunting

The choice of speaker cables for one's system is a frequent topic here on Audiogon, and there are many threads available in the A-gon archive. I suggest you spend a bit of time and look at some of the posts about speaker cables made over the past 1-2 years.

You can find the "search" box for the audio archive at the bottom of the page that comes up when you click on "More Chat" at the bottom of the discussion forum section.

Two moderately priced (by high-end standards) speaker cables that I have found to work well with almost all systems are the Kimber Kable 8TC and 4TC, and the Alpha-Core Goertz MI2 Veracity. You will find these two cables mentioned in many of the archived threads, but there are many other choices as well that might serve you well.

The previous suggestion to audition cables in your own system, in your own home, is excellent advice. Ultimately, you should trust your own ears -- you may or may not hear much audible difference between cables, and if you can't hear the difference, don't spend the money.
You never "need" what you can't hear. If a dealer is so sure about your needs, they will offer you an in-home audition. If they aren't so sure, I wouldn't be either.
Forget the dealer route. They usually have the cable that's "the best for you." There are major differences in cables. You do not have to go to crazy $$ to get there, but in the world of cabledom $500 is small potatoes. As, has been said before me, audition, on loan, where you can. You must hear the cable in your system. Also, and this is very difficult for some: trust your own ears. That's all that matters. Cable can be a real ego trip for some. I have suffered through this malady, too, but have been cured through Audiogon therapy, my pocketbook, and plain old time and experience. You will get everything you need, right here on the 'gon. Read, absorb, buy, listen, keep or sell. That's the fun of this mania. Good luck. warren
Having upgraded almost my entire system over the last two years it has been interesting listening to the changes. One cable will sound harsh with one preamp but spectacular with another. From my limited experience: Audioquest Clear is a very nice cable, Straightwire Serenade works well with everything but does not excel, Straightwire Virtuoso can be harsh with some systems: but in the right system it sounds great. My favorite cable happens to be the Audience AU24. It sparkles where the other cables shine, and its so small. That said, the best advice is above, find a dealer or one of the internet cable companies to let you try out cables or, buy them used at audiogon for 1/2 price.
I've experimented with many speaker cables, and have
a relatively "high-end" system, but I've settled on
Alpha-core Goertz MI-2 cables. They are very neutral,
with excellent extension at the frequency extremes, and
are a bargain to boot. I just sold a pair and replaced
them with the same cable of different length and
termination because I purchased a new amp. I've bought
pricey interconnects, but have no desire to switch from
the MI-2 speaker cables.
IN a new system configuration;I wouldn't spend a dime beyond what you already have. Now if you could get a 100% cash back on what you already bought--- that would be diff. ---Listen/ enjoy/ get a feel/ you'll get caught up on "better"--or not. By then things will be different--or not. You may just be delighted with what you got. ------Kinda like adding salt before you taste. Give it a taste first.
There is no doubt in my mind that cables and interconnects can make a big difference in how your system sounds. A simple demonstration would be to demo some cables that exhibit very different tendencies (in any system) and hear the difference for yourself. If you can't hear a difference, or the difference is not worth the money to you, well you've saved yourself a bit of cash. An example of two such contrasting speaker cables or interconnects might be a very revealing pure silver cable like Homegrown Audio produces (as well as other manufacturers), and any number of warmer, usually slower, braided copper cable solutions. Each of those two should impart a very different sound, no matter what your system. Which is 'best' to your ears, with the music you listen to, on your system, in your listening room, is only for you to say. No dealer, and no audiophile here can give you a universal 'ideal cable' (or ideal component for that matter). System synergy and personal preferences are as different as fingerprints. I would highly recommend, if you do choose to make cable purchases, consider some of the many smaller manufacturers and DIY cable makers, that are making outstanding products without the overhead of the boutique cable advertising that "justifies"/necessitates their 400-800% markup. There are many DIY dealers selling their cables on this site. Do a search on AudioAsylum for some comments, and take all of that with a shaker full of salt. Again, your mileage may vary!
This Warrenh guy has really impressed me. I'm going to make a point to read his threads when I see his name. Listen to this man. I don't think you can get a better answer to your question.
I agree with AVGUYGEORGE. You have a lot new already going on. Get yourself up and running. I would offer a point of reference. The discovery 123 speaker cable is a very neutral entry level cable. You might visit, find your existing cable in their cable lineup and compare it to something like the discovery.

Cable is subject to tremendous markup. I would not buy cable from a dealer who is selling it at retail; it is too easy to buy great cable at discount prices.
I suggest you read the following site written by Roger Russell of McIntosh on speaker wire. McIntosh did extensive testing on speaker wire some time back and answered quite a few questions. Here is the link:
It is very comprehensive so be prepared to spend some time.

I use old Esoteric 8 ga wire; a friend gave me a spool of it in the mid 90's so the price was right!
High-end wires do measure better and they sound better particularly for longer lengths. If you want to see some measurements and analysis, see the Audio FAQ page at this website: