Is HD Radio on its last leg?

I was just shopping for my 5th HD tuner, and it looks like both the excellent Sony XDR-F1HD as well as the Sangean HDT-1 and HDT-1X are no longer in production!

In fact, for home audio, it looks like there is only one standalone HD tuner still being made: the massively expensive Day-Sequerra M4 series.

This is too bad, since it looks like virtually all manufacturers have dropped HD in favor of some combination of Internet and/or SiriusXM.

I wonder how long it will be before my local NPR affiliate, the only source of jazz in my small market, stops broadcasting on its .2 channel.
HD Radio certainly appears to be dying. It looks like it has been replaced by Internet Radio Tuners.
yes the coffin has been ordered.
Advrider, internet radio is where it's at nowadays. Kiss all of your over-the-air radios goodbye. I'm sure your jazz station streams on the web. If it doesn't, you have at least 200 other jazz stations on the web. $300 and a SqueezeBox Touch and you are in business.
I was talking with and owner of a local audio store yesterday. His opinion: It's the tsunami's fault. The tsunami massively depleted Japan's component manufacturing base, and several producers have squeezed out low-volume items like the HD radios. He has even waited for up to 5 months for the larger Sony Bravias.

I agree that Internet radio is where everything is going. I'd just rather have the relative simplicity of the good ol' airwaves.