Is Hales finished for Good?

I knew Wadia and Hales were in trouble but it was my understanding at least Hales was predicted to survive.I went into Soundworks in Roch.NY today and I was told they both were bankrupt/dead.I was told many customers were waiting on Rev.3's and may have trouble getting their money back from Hales/Wadia as many prepaid for speakers etc. but the cash was tied up.Anytruth to all this?
let's see, is this the 2nd or 3rd time that hales has gone under? i feel sorry for those who thought hales had met good fortune to have teamed up with wadia. oh well, think there's likely to be another iteration? think anbody'll trust another speaker disigned/built or named for mr. hales? question kinda answers itself, don't it?
I for one am really sad. I owned rev 3 speakers, and I sold them to a friend about 7 months ago. I really liked them, and, while I still consider it a rumor, I am saddened by what I have heard, re: Hales' disappearance from the scene. I have a high opinion of the line, and hope to own the T8 one day. This is really nothing to make fun of. If any of us were as talented or as driven to create a great sounding speaker, and then market and profit from it's sale it might not be as entertaining. Paul, if you read this, I dont know you, but don't give up. Hales=good speakers.
Paul has taken a job with a professional sound company to design a line of speakers for them. I didn't bother to take the name down. He has a big salary, big budget and can hire whoever he wants. All this means, although proably saddened by the fall of HDG, Paul is more than likely hiring up his talented people and off to greener pastures. Of course there is always a chance another company or a group of investors could come in and buy up the name. I hope this happens, but with Paul gone; chances are not as good. Sorry for the bad news....LR
I heard that Wadia was purchased two weeks ago and will be back in business. Anyone else know anything?
Too bad about Hales. I recently had a chance to hear the T8's. Damn fine speakers.
Sorry I forgot to comment on Wadia. There is an effort to bring back Wadia. At this time this looks like it will happen. Sadly this effort doesn't effect Hales as well. FYI, this and the above info was attained Friday from a Hales/Wadia dealer(also a friend of Paul). Although this is positive, proably still should cross our fingers....LR
Wadia is back. Go to for more info.
i used the opportunity to pick up t8's t1's and a center channel for slightly less than half price each.i think the hales are wonderful speakers,very real,great soundstage and lots of bass that doesn't get mushy.i am just tonight installing new home theater equipment purchased with money saved because of the fire sale prices on the remaining hales stock .i think all the hales have been terrific values in their corresponding price range and now are too cheap to let go by,if you can find what you are looking for.
FYI: There was a recent article on Stereophile's Web site about QSC picking up Hale's inventory. They are planning on making it available to the public. Unfortunately, other than parts it doesn't look like they will be providing any other support. It's still good to know where to go if in need of replacement parts. Here's the link: