Is Golden Gramaphone in Akron going out of biz?

I have hear this from 3 people, but they were all a bit unsure.....does anyone know if the bit the dust?
Yes! I believe he called it "retiring" and had a great sell off of existing inventory. I missed picking up 1.6s for 30% off by minutes.
i wonder if they sold the nobis proteus demo that i sent them 15 years ago.
I made a dissapointing trip a couple weeks back with a friend when we walked into a dark, almost empty Gramophone, something didn't seem right.
We shook hands with John and wished him well.
I really miss the older days of the Apogee Scintillas, Krell KSA-50's, 100's, Sony ESD's and original Theils, stuff was thriving big time.
My first exposure to high end sound was in the big room.
This now makes Ohio nearly devoid of any true two channnel.
We drove home in a silent, depressed mood.
I was in there a couple months ago to demo the Von JR and to be honest whoever I was dealing with ws a dick, so good riddens to atleast ONE guy there.