Is going from a Ortofon Candenza Black to a Ortofon Winfield a lateral move?

I have an opportunity to pick up a very low use Winfield at a good price. That said, after moving my Cadenza Black I'll pay at least $750 for the Winfield. The Winfield retails for about $1,400 more but to me the specs look pretty similar. Anybody have any experience with these carts to provide some feedback? Thanks. 
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Thanks @billstevenson. Not knowing much about the replicant styli, I did a google search and found some info. As with anything more sophisticated in engineering and design, looks like more attention to detail is needed with this types of stylus. That said, is the replicant stylus significantly more difficult to dial in compared to shibatas? 
Dear @bfoura :  I posted that in cartridges specs could not really gives the true to make a comparison in between 2 cartridges, latter on you posted:

@stringreen To my ears the CB does the same thing..."

that's almost the same because cartridge quality characteristics through listen it are graded, have different quality levels. So you can't make a true comparison in between : there are " levels " and " levels " with same characteristics of sound.

My first Ortofon cartridges  was the really vintage MC10 MK2, followed by the MC30, MC2000, MC3000, MC3000MK2, MC5000, MC7500, Jubilee, etc, etc and I had the opportunity to listen in my system the Windfeld, MCA95 and other models and I know that when Ortofon designed and build a cartridge to commemoration something they puts additional effort in all the whole design and excecution to the design as: tigther tolerances, hand selected parts, deep tests including cartridge voicing and the Windfeld was an is one of those cartridges.

The W belongs to a different league than the CB that's just a catalogue model, a good one but that's all.

There is no problñem to make the W cartridge set up you but what is really important is that your room/system can have the quality and resolution need it to honor the W quality performance levels.
If you have any single doubt of any system chain link that is not up to the task my opinion is that stay with the CB.

bfoura   "the replicant stylus significantly more difficult to dial in compared to shibatas?"
Personally I find the shibata the most difficult to optimally set up of all types.  The Replicant is not too bad actually.
Well, I am a bit confused now, about the original Peer Windfeld's stylus... to say the least. 
I'm going back with this purchase well past 10 years, and unfortunately have not bothered to keep a documented spec. 
Looking at the presently posted specs by Ortofon I notice the item is now called 'MC Windfeld' (not 'Peer Windfeld') - to distinguish it from the 'Windfeld Ti', no doubt. 

And sure, to behold, it quotes (now?) a replicant 100 stylus, no question! 

For all I can recall, a 'Replicant' stylus was not even known back in ~ 2008! 
I'm open to be corrected. 

Also, I recall some lengthy heavy critiques being posted about the PW then, in short - boring presentation at a very high price - (and there was no Ti for a long while to come).
It all had resonated with my own listening experience. 

So many times during my ownership and minor system changes, i went back and re-tried this cartridge and never obtained a different result. EVER! 

I finally had it send back to be tested by the dealer and found 'working ok' on his different set-up, using a Lynn LP12 etc. 

Maybe the stylus/spec WAS changed during some time back?!? 🤔 

As I said, only to my knowing, this replicant 100 stylus came about only with the event of the A95 cartridge, and well after the creation of the early/original and brand new, the only top Ortofon cartridge, PW. 
The packaging alone something really way out, over the top - off the wall. I say. 

I'm open to corretion as I said - am I really getting that old?!? 🤔 
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Hi, the Replicant 100 stylus has a longer history than you think. I'm not sure, but I believe it was introduced with the MC 3000 mk2, back in the early 90's. It's a rather complex profile not unlike the Gyger FG1 (and vdHul S1) and usually reserved for their top models, like A90, A95, MC Anna and yes, both Windfeld models. The Cadenza has a Shibata profile stylus on boron cantilever (the Cadenza Bronze has a Replicant 100 on an aluminum cantilever), which will certainly give a different presentation. The Windfeld has Aururum coils (gold plated 8N copper), while the Cadenza Black coil material is not specified (the Bronze does have Aucurum, but based on 6N copper). Within the Cadenza series the main specs (output voltage and internal impedance) of the Black are closest to the Windfeld.

So where does that leave you? Some folks seem to believe that the color scheme used with standard production series like Cadenza give some clues to the voicing within the basic design parameters. The colour Bronze suggests a voicing tailored towards a somewhat darker, warmer sound. Black seems to aim at a more neutral presentation. I haven't heard either, so I cannot comment if that's correct. But based on my experience with other Ortofon models, the best sound is reserved for the 'heritage' models, to which the Windfeld belongs. So I would be surprised if it doesn't represent a clear step up compared to the Cadenza.