Is Genesis Out of Business?

I have seen many Genesis products for sale on this site, listed as new at 1/2 the supposed list price. I have tried to get a warrenty replacement for over a year I can't get a responce. I called but the only person in the office is the bookkeeper, everyone else seems to be gone. Bill is not returning calls. So What Is Up?
I recently had a faulty on board fuse on one of the amps on my APM1's.I emailed Genesis and got a reply saying they would send out a couple of fuses.After about a month when no fuses had arrived I started to email to enquire.I had no response and after some 3 emails without a response I gave up.
Seems to me they don't really care about after service.Or maybe they only look after you if you buy their megabuck gear.
I, too, haven't received ANY response from them to ANY of my mails, etc... I'm starting to look for info /upgrading /servicing alternatives (the local dealer hasn't been too hot on support -- to say the least). I assume that simple servicing may found elsewhere. But tech/design & upgrade info???

I hope this disappearing act won't last -- I like the speakers (but then, mine aren't the giga$ model, either)
It was about 4 or 5 months ago that I contacted them. It was regarding a Servo 12 subwoofer. They no longer make this, nor do they service it. The amp to the unit was made by a different company altogether. They did fax me the full schematics to the amp within a couple hours of my call. Sounds like something has changed drastically in the last few months.
Genesis is alive and well, thank you very much. While we have had our share of server problems, we do our best to communicate with our customers. If you are a Genesis owner, you have the right to expect timely service and helpful communications. Please contact us if you have any issues with any Genesis product. I or any of my staff will be happy to assist you in any way we can to help you enjoy your purchase.


Bill Abplanalp
General Manager
Genesis Technologies, Inc.
In responce to Bill Abplanalp message.

Simply put "Actions Speak Much Louder Than Words"

I must say my Audio Dollars represent a major part of disposable cash. I really don't like to spend them & be taken advantage of.

If I may say "The Internet is Mightier than Unkeep Warrenties or Promises".
i have to agree with stealth93es.

i own a pair of 8300 speakers along with the servo 12 sub. i e-mailed genesis three times (to no avail) regarding a punched in woofer on one of the speakers. this was followed by two phone calls to genesis which were not returned. finally i spoke with a gentleman who apologized for the lack of response and told me he would call me after he searched to see if he had any replacement woofers. it's approximately 93 days and counting for the promised return phone call from genesis.

so to bill at genesis: you can reach me at if you're truly interested in helping out one of your customers. otherwise please stop with the lame "will be happy to assist you in any way..." nonsense. honestly, it's a bit annoying.

I am glad that I ready this thread. I was considering new speakers and Genesis was, was, at the top of the list.

With this response, no way.
Thanks Bill,

The remote arrived today just as you told me. It seems to be working fine. Now I can start trying to set up my subwoofer to work with my new speakers. I have a pair of Quad 989's, I have only had them a couple of weeks. I am sure the Genesis 900b will be a great combination with them.

Thank you again for all your help.
Just thought I'd add to this thread that I've had favorable dealings on 2 occasions with Genesis (both my fault) with my Genesis speakers. Replacement parts were shipped outquickly and at a reasonable cost, along with e-mail guidance.
I have been trying to get customer service from Genesis for over 6 months on replacing a woofer for GenVI that has been humming. I have been told numerous times that I would get a return call or that a woofer would be sent.
Although their spaekers sound good, I would definately not recommend this spaeker line to anyone considering them. Customer service does not exists. Only a nice voice to answer the phone.
Kpabila, you're lucky to get that voice. I'm still expecting an answer to the *repeated* mail I sent them 3 & 1 1/2 months ago!