Is Genesis out of business?

Tried to call and was told they "were told they are moving", and sales manager was no longer available.
Mike, I think the that this rock group folded long ago.

I am surprised that you had their phone number and it worked. By the way, I have many of their old albums and the terrible mixes and recordings are probably why Phil Collins split.

By the way, I heard that there was a speaker company that had this same name, is this true?
I hope not!!! If you are talking about speakers, Genesis makes the best speakers that I have heard. I own B&W Nautilus 801 myself and thought that I had found audio nirvana, until recently I heard the Genesis 350 at an audio show.....only one word to describe my feeling about how it sounds -- incredible!!! Music sounded unbelievably "live". That is not all, the 350 model is not even their top of the line. They have two more models - Genesis 1.1 and 201 that are better, with list price at $150,000 and $75,000. The 350 has a retail price of around $40,000. My dream is to be able to have a Genesis 1.1 someday... and then I will know what heaven sounds like........(their website is
As Albert Porter intimated, Genesis --the speaker people-- are invisible / inaudible / inaccessible. I have e-mailed them repeatedly. No answer. They *did* (do?) make great speakers. If they do sell speakers, I'm not sure they have customer service -- or any other service, for that matter.

On the other hand, the group has indeed folded, I only hear of Phil lately.

i just spoke to genesis. i would say they are still rolling.
I do not think they are out of business, but service is EXTREMELY slow and inconsistent in quality (at best). I e-mailed about a half-dozen times trying to find out what was the input impedance of the subwoofer amp for my Genesis 300s. Eventually I received a reply e-mail, which said "All Genesis speakers have an impedance of four ohms". I very politely explained the difference between the nominal impedance for the speaker, and the input impedance of the subwoofer amp, but never got a further reply. Its generaly been my experience, though, that one out of every five e-mails gets answered.

By the way, Avguy, the 350 retails for about $25,000, and the 201 retails for $46,000.
I had a problem with one of their products and they never returned my emails or phone calls. Be very wary of a company that ignores their customers. They may make a great product but if you have ever needed to get something fixed you understand the importance of customer relations.
As usual, AlbertPorter is right on.
This is the 2nd time in 8 months that I have seen this thread. Last time I saw it someone from Genesis (not Phil) posted saying that everything was fine. I never liked Genesis since I had to wait 14 hours in the cold rain in Maine winter for tickets, and you shouldn't either.
Here is the prior discussion on this topic here at Audiogon.
I also wanted to add my voice and share my experince so far. I have called then 3 times regarding a probelm with my 350 amp that trips the circiut breaker every time I plug it in the wall, Even though I have a 40 amp circiut. I am still waiting for a response.
if your amp trips the circiut then it more than likley has a bad transformer. send that puppy back. maybe it would be quicker to fix it locally.
Either that or the protection device is shorting (happened to mine). As Kirk suggests, if you can fix it locally, you have some chances of listening to music...
Kirk930, Gregm Thank you for your help, but it is 3-4 month old and I am worried about the warranty. It is funy, even their dealer in a country near by, doesn't answer.
This irresponsible behavior and lack of support is what scares audiophiles off. Worse, it is great ammo for those who "don't believe" in the first place.

I hope your problems are resolved with a happy ending.
Wanted to update you guys on my experience with Genesis. After a numberr calls and emails, finally Bill called me back and we finally found the problem. A bad relay. Now I have asked him to send me another one to have it replaced locally. Now that was more than 2 weeks ago. Until now I yet to receive the part despite his promise to send it by FedEx. I guess I have to start calling them again. Stay tuned.
Myoussif, any news? Did FedEx make it to your house with the relay (or Bill to FedEx, FedEx to your place).

Good luck, I'm still battling to secure a woofer & a mid-bass coupler for my system!
No not yet, I have sent Bill three emails without any response. It has been a month now. Finally I called the guy who makes the amps. it seams that he is having problem with them (they don't pay him)any way he said that he will send me the part but I would have to pay for shipping. But if the new part didn't fix the problem, I would have to pay for the repair. I wonder who should honor the warranty?
"...honor the guarantee": difficult one! The dealer -- or nobody, is my unfortunate guess!
Who is the guy or company that makes the amp?

Rbischoff, I don't want to post his email address without his approval. If you want, send me your email. Hope you understand.