Is Gene Simmons insane?

Look, I'm old enough to remember the loud, infectious, and highly juvenile fun of kiss Alive in '75...but according to Gene he invented electricity...issusing a Dbl Lp in '75 was unprecedented....deep purple, allmans, humble pie gene?...he "discovered", they were already on the west coast radar...and he "convinced" Eddie not to leave VH in the early 80s...cmon, like Eddie is going to leave a band with his name, his brother, and he is the primary songwriter and sole guitarist?...yeah, right...Gene's solo lp was the weakest of the four in the 70s...and Paul writes the majority of Kiss tunes...Gene is a rock n roll accountant...and to be fair...upfront about it. But some records need to be set straight. He also claims to have bed 2-5000 groupies, depressed people should simply take their lives, etc.
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