Is Fusion Audio Interlocker IC a good match

My system is on the warmer side and I'd like to add some more detail and speed. I'm using a Rega CDP with a Plinius integrated. Right now I'm just using some cheaper entry level copper IC's between my CDP and integrated.

Thanks for the advice.
I am currently using the Interlocker II (copper version) between my Meridian G08 and Bryston B100 and could not be happier. I have audioquest king cobra's and cardas neutral ref and the interlockers just blows them away. I did try some nordost frey's and they really didn't even come close to the interlocker. BTW Erics power cords are fantastic too.
Thanks. I'd like to try adding silver to my cabling to help balance the warmth of the sound. I like that the Interlocker does have both silver and copper. I'd like to try at least one PC that is silver as well. I'm open to other brands that are silver-based such as Ridge Street Audio.

Did you see this?
Yes, thanks. I don't want to lock myself into just Fusion Audio, as there are other fantastic silver-based cables. I'd like to keep myself open to some of the other silver-based cables but certainly have the Fusion Audio in my top interests.

I like that the Fusion Audio IC uses silver and copper foils, which I think could be a great way to get into silver. I also love that it uses foils vice solid core.
take a look at grover interconnects, they are made of silver and copper ribbons and priced fairly.

Yes, those are an option but I'm not a fan of the switchcraft RCAs. I've read a number of negative comments about them.