Is Funkadelic's song "One Nation Under A Groove"

If you get out your old copy of Funkadelics "One Nation Under a Groove" and play the title track nice and loud, listen to the crazy bass lines and the incredible back round vocals I bet you would agree that is some of the finest shit ever laid down on vinyl. Go do this now and let me know what you think.
Did Bootsy play on this one? I know Bernie didn't.
Yes Dont Fake the Funk or your nose will grow.
You are right sir! Now go turn on "Knee Deep" by the same Funkadelics and you will expeirence the finest "funk" song EVER!!!!!............... EVER!!!!

PS Listen to Bernie Worrell's performance on the keyboard.

Mac, what Funkadelic album did Bernie shine on? Was it Tales of Kid Funkadelic or Hardcore Jollies? It might have been Taking It to the Stage. By the way, I think the "P Funk All-stars" is one great record.
I've always been surprised that one of the big party presidential candidates never used that song as a campaign slogan. I guess we still got a long way to go.
"Lets Take it to the Stage" is my favorite, although the cd doesnt sound nearly as good as the old vinyl. Brand new funk - new type thing....Post Crazy-os.
Ive got One Nation and Uncle Jam on remastered cd and it sounds pretty damn fine. The cd versions of some of their other albums are hard to find. They all need to be remastered. Check out Glory B The Funks on Me a bootsy collection. Man the things he does with those fingers!
Forget all this hype and go pull out the Brecker Brothers and listen to Some Skunk Funk or Funky Sea Funky Dew. Or better yet the live Heavy Metal Be Bop album.
It looks like this here is a gathering of The Clones Of Dr. Funkenstein!
I'm impressed ! AudioFunkaPhiles !!!

I'm Funk and I'm Proud !!!
I had the privilege of seeing Parliment/Funkadelics several times around the time of "One Nation..." They were tremendous musicians, outrageous showmen and the rocked as hard as any group I've ever seen. At one show at the Apollo Theater George Clinton walked into the audience and started smoking with whoever had a lit joint going. He was tokin' and talkin' 'bout the mothership. They definitely tore the roof off 'da sucka' that night.
I too saw P Funk at the Ritz in NYC back in the day. Eddie Hazel on guitar, some dude running around on stage in nuthin but a diaper, I think I counted at least 15 people on stage at any given time. I even own a copy of "The Brides of Funkenstein" How about "Standing on the Verge of Gettin it On"? Thats a great one.
Parliment's Mothership Connection was a beautiful piece. However "Uncle Jam Wants You" is Bernie's best work in my opinion. Knee Deep is on another level.
Between the two, I'm a Parliament man myself.
As much as I love "One Nation..." and Bootsy nothing comes close to "Funkadelic" ," Move Your Ass..." (with the bass turned up)and "Maggot Brain"!
The important thing for all of you to remember is that:

"The desired effect is what you get, when you improve your interplanetary funksmanship"

I've just overhauled my system, and I'm getting the desired effect.