Is flat frequency response a hoax?

I have seen a number of speaker companies claiming that their design has a ruler flat response. They then proudly display a graph with a flat line as if it's an indication of its superior quality. Poppycock.

Flat response is a myth. Everybody has different hearing so there's no reason to expect that there would be a one size fits all frequency response.
We don't all wear the same sized shoes do we? Everybody has different sized feet. 

There are plenty of flat response speakers that sound horrible. I've heard quite a lot. There are many non ruler flat great sounding speakers too.
Do not be duped by this hogwash. 

If the mixing engineer used a pair of speakers that is 3db down in the mids and top end then he may have boosted that region by a similar amount. Now when the track gets played on a ruler flat speaker it sounds too bright. So as you can see, a flat response is useless.


Thank you very much for schooling us.  I have been in this hobby for 50+ years so I do not need schooling on your audio thoughts and beliefs.   Although you may think you have all the answers, you don't.
Vanilla is by far always the most popular flavor of ice cream. 

Why do you guys continue to indulge this guy?
If you ignore him, there's hope he may actually go away...
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