Is Esoteric SA-10 sonically as good as DV-50 or 60

I am finally ready to upgrade from my Classe DAC-1 and CDT-1. It sounds like the Esoteric products give the most bang for the buck, especially the DV-50 and DV-60 units. I do not need the video so was wondering if the SA-10 sounds similar to these units? My other consideration is the new Power Wave server products from PS Audio. Thanks for input.
I have not heard either digital player but folks often comment that Esoteric players are a little on the hifi side as opposed to the musical side of the spectrum. Other people object that those folks must be deaf, of course

I recommend the PS Audio combo because it has an apodising or minimum phase filter. I have an Ayre CX-7eMP, which also has a minimum phase filter, and I feel this is a big step forward in digital technology. To my ear it greatly reduces digital glare or harshness. So I think the PS Audio would be an improvement over your Classe gear.
I briefly tried the Esoteric SA-10 in my system and although a decent CD player it lacks musicality and doesn't sound organic and analogue. Detail is good but there is just something missing with the player. It can't seem to convey the soul and emotion in music as much as I like it to be. To each his own. I am still looking for a more analogue sounding player, or DAC.
Why would you want a digital player to sound "analog"?.Get a table if that what your looking for in presentation..For me I wouldnt buy a player if it sounded analog like a table