Is EMM DCC2 better than DAC6/switchman combo?

Am talking about the above with reference to the cdsd.
I have both. Sold the switchman but have the dac 6e and a dcc 2. They are real close. I haven't spent alot of time comparing but running the dac 6e through the dcc 2 pre amp, seems to me to be a little warmer. HOWEVER, I'm adding another set of copper ic's and that could be the difference.
I was perfectly happy with the Dac 6e/switchman combo and went to the Dcc 2 only because of space and looks (wife factor) in my living room. And I only listen to 2 channel. If I were to have a 2 and multi channel combo system, then without question I would go the Dac 6e and switchman route.
If I have time this weekend to experiment further I'll report the results.
Just reread your question. I don't have the CDSD.
What digital front end do you use?I am getting ATC 150 asl pro-and thinking about emm lab gear in a multichannel setup.I have a levinson 380s and VSEI modded sony scd1.
Nreddy what in the world is a VSEI modded sony ?
I believe Nreddy is referring to a Sony SCD-1 modded by Vacuum State Electronics who have technicians on both coasts in the US.

NREDDY. I'm using the DCC 2 with EMM/Philips 1000 as transport. The Philips has had the problem chips replaced and power supply modded by Alex Peychev (APL). Sounds really good.
Thanx Rgd for clearing up the vse confusion.