Is EAC compatible with Windows Vista

Okay...I've probably worn out my welcome here. After reading all the great responses to my threads on ripping files, I downloaded EAC. It won't rip any of my CDs - "File Creation Error"

So, I looked under the "Interface" tab and I see, "Native Win32 interface for Win NT/2000/XP. Humm...does this mean no Vista?
Just in case anyone else cares, I found a solution to this issue by simply opening EAC in Administrative mode on my laptop...don't ask me why?? Anyway, this is not a user-friendly program...jeeze!
EAC is very easy to use once you learn how to use it (try using autocad or photoshop or any other 'tool' software other than Word)..the problem you're having is with Vista...A pile of cr*p from Microsoft that should never have been unleashed on the public.
'downgrade' to XP and you'll be miles ahead (or wait for windows 7)

I tend to share some of your enthusiasm about Vista! I do however, find Vista a step ahead on other applications (ah, but those are business applications). It’s the “fun” applications that we’re all most interested in here….right!? Anyway, I do have XP on my PC, however, I really want to use my laptop with my music server. Therefore, I will try to soldier on with the “pile of cr*p.”

Are you aware of any good tutorials on EAC? Fellow Agon member, Kgturner provided me with a great link, but it really only touches on the basics of EAC.

By the way, I forgot to establish a catalog link to my hard drive, so the few CDs that I ripped last night are “filed” in the EAC database. How do I export those CDs to my hard drive?? I know it should be simple, but darned if I can figure it out!#$%^!^
This the best place to start for documentation on EAC:

And the main hydrogenaudio wiki page for related info:

As far as Vista goes . . . it does have a much better kernal mixer than XP, and WMP is much more advanced in the Vista version as well. But both XP and Vista have some inconsistencies in the way they handle foreground/background tasks and the way these seem to affect USB audio drivers, and in the testing I've done each is sporadic and unpredictable to the extent that I can't tell which one is "better".

The best-performing setup I have for EAC (in terms of consistent error-free rips) is in fact a 2000-vintage Tyan server with Teac and Plextor CD-R drives, running Windows 2000 Pro. For ripping, newer is definately not always better.
I am using the latest EAC 99pb4 in Vista with no problems at all. Right click on the file, select "Run as Administrator".
I am using the latest EAC 99pb4 in Vista with no problems at all. Right click on the file, select "Run as Administrator"

After perusing the internet, I found this same approach recommended by others too. Indeed, by opening in administrative mode, I have no problems. So far, the CDs that I’ve ripped are cataloged in my external hard drive as individual song titles. Other software (e.g.: Win Media….) compile each “album” in nicely organized files. I'm wondering how the EAC compiled files will interact with my Squeezebox Duet (I haven't received it yet - should arrive today).
i am also having some trouble on my first day with eac. like someone above, i am able to rip but the files are sent to my documents as individual songs. no album art and no organized album file. is this the normal result? i am considering just using windows media player/center and ripping to wma lossless. it is so easy and art/info is great. it would also be easy if we end up using windows home server at some point. seems that allot of people are using flac and not wma...HELP
i am able to rip but the files are sent to my documents as individual songs. no album art and no organized album file

You need to reset the Filename. Go to EAC Options - Filename, and enter %D\%C\%N.%T This will create a file with Artist: Album: Song titles.

EAC just doesn't allow you to include the artwork (at least I haven’t figured out how to with EAC). I like the idea of having the artwork, but I would rather know that I'm getting the most precise rip that I can. FLAC is working very well for me - in fact it's very difficult for me to hear any differences between my CDs and FLAC files.

I think there is a way to add the artwork after ripping with EAC?? At this point however, the process is becoming a bit protracted.