Is e-mail system working?

Hi, I've sent 3 inquiries to 3 different sellers in the last couple of days with no responses. Is the e-mail system working or is it just me?

I've gotten responses to my ads in the last few days, so I think the system is working.
Good, hopefully it's not something with my e-mail delivery. I'll be patient, its just that with one particular seller I e-mailed a couple of weeks ago (with no response) and have tried again regarding a new listing.
If he didnt answer your email the first time I would walk away. If he didnt answer you when you were offering money what is he going to do when you have a shipping problem or a problem with the product you purchase from him.

If someone doesnt answer my email I will not bid in their auction or buy anything from them. That goes to manufacturers as well as private sales.
Try sending it "read receipt requested." If you don't get a response ( of some sort), the recepient sent your missive to the bit bucket. "if the phone doesn't ring, you'll know it's me."
did you receive back your confirming copy? Audiogon's mailer has stalled on me before too, but they were able to "unstuck" it when notified of the problem. I did lose a sale though.
I have used Audiogon to e-mail 2 sellers in the last few days and so far neither one has responded. Either a problem with e-mail or the sellers just didn't respond in a timely manner.
I have a couple of itmes for sale. If you want to email me through my ads with Audiogon I would be happy to tell you if I got them.
Apparently emailer is working OK tonight. I just sent something which was received & acknowledged OK by the other party.
Thanks, guys, I now have a response from one seller, so sytem seems to be working.
Folks reported problems to me today