Is Direct Current An Option?

Yes, Edison won this fight and so the world operates on alternating current but with wind farms selling eco friendly electricity, my understanding is that direct current for the home is, or will be, an option. Does anyone have thoughts on this and/or whether or not direct current would improve the audiophile listening experience?
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Thanks kosst, my error. I should have said that Tesla won the current war rather than Edison. Anyhow, my impression is that consumers can order current directly from an energy source but that this source of energy is not shared with anyone else. However of course, I could be wrong about this also.
Your are already listening to DC. All devices use DC powered circuits. AC is a great way to transmit electricity and transformers allow voltage conversion and capacities allow us to convert to DC. DC is impractical for transmission but necessary to power all circuits.
DC at the wall outlets would make audio equipment with a transformer stop working.
Per this article DC service is available in some areas of San Francisco.  It's a specialty use.