Is digital poetry...

Is digital poetry written in DACtylic hexameter?
Or rendered in cuneiform with a stylus?
Critics need not ask "Wire you making such treble puns?" --
nor level bass accusations --
but respond in kind, and I will be amp-ly rewarded.
(Or perhaps forced to a-tone for my sins.)
Now is the time to speaker forever hold your peace.
You got your 01 02 01 02 cents worth with the digital poetry pun-ishment.
Could we but forgo the pernicious iambic pentametre, and a-tune our expectations onto another rhythm, better revealing of our intended pace!
02pete, your musings ring with musicality. They deserve a sound stage. I type on my laptop, this platform of isolation, to resonate from far field with others' musical fidelity, interconnected with mysterious brothers and sisters in a speaker cabal. Deep in a totem forest, I leap from linn to linn, shouting "timbre!" But if noone is there to hear, do I make an absolute sound? A vs. B, tu-be or not tu-be, these are the questions that triode souls in our single-ended pursuit of musical happiness. We quest on, balancing passion and rega, for the sound to which we can pledge our allegiance. One nation, analog, un-digital, forever and forever.
Well, I sort of punked out on that last sentence. Maybe this is more the ticket... One nation, analog, undigital, with liquidity and NOS tubes for all.
Good one, Jayboard; now THAT'a poetry!