Is difference between B&W 802D & 800D worth price?

First time poster. I currently have McIntosh 501 monoblocks, 1 TB music server with Squeezebox Duet and Benchmark DAC1 PRE, and B&W 803 matrix speakers. The server set up and Macs are recent additions and next will be new speakers. I must say, however, that the 803s sound much better with my new gear. I previously had the Adcom 555 Mark II and the Adcom CD changer.

The speakers under consideration are the B&W 800D and 802D. (I love the 801s but they score low on spousal approval. I temporarily have a set of borrowed 801 series 3 at home now and they are simply wonderful.)

Has anyone out there compared the 802D and 800D in their listening room and if so, what were your thoughts? I am several months away from making a purchase and want to make a good decision. Thanks!
Shhhhhh. Leave the 801's in place and let the wife get used to the look. And if all else fails, tell her they "they make her B#tt look small"! Just kidding, don't get mad. Get her to spend some time in front of them and put on her favorite music.

Great amps by the way. I am sure you noticed a big difference over the Adcoms.
A buddy of mine has the Mac 501's with the 801's and they are absolutely SPECTACULAR!! I bought the Mac's for my Maggies and they were a terrible match. I switched with him, he had Bel Canto Ref 1000's at the time, and we were both very happy. The Bel Cantos (since switched out in my system) sounded much better with my Maggies than with his B & W's and the Mac, as stated were a match made in heaven with his speakers. Get the 801's great speakers. BIG SOUND.
i had owned both. i have acually owned most of the 800 series including ths signitures. my wife loved the 800d's looks and they definitely are worth the cost diferense. i ran them with krell and was very happy. believe for the price they are tough to beat.
To get the best out of the 800D's, you need some meaty amps (wich I think you have) and a BIG room. In a small(er) room, the 802D will actually sound better.
Theo: Great suggestion, I'm still laughing! I think I will expand my choices to include the 801Ds. After nearly 31 years of marriage, I can usually sway her to see my "logic" just like she gets to drive the car she wants and has an incredible collection shoes.

Satch: My listening room is 20' deep by about 60' wide with speakers about 5' from the back wall and about 13 or so feet from the prime listening position. The borrowed 801s sound superb. I have not had the opportunity to audition 802Ds or 800Ds but certainly will at some point. Since I plan to buy demos or used from this site, I hesitate to go to a local retailer for a demo since I likely won't be buying locally.