Is Diana Krall "Live in Paris" out on vinyl?

Love this album,but have not seen it out on vinyl- If not any idea if and when it will be?- K
No. To the best of my knowledge none of her albums have been released on vinyl. Live in Paris is a great concert performance available on DVD.

I have "The Girl In The Other Room on vinyl" but have not seen her other titles released on vinyl.
I think ,I used to see 'Live in Paris 'on vinyl once in secondhand vinyl market in Europe.
There ain't a "vinyl" in this audio world that can save (help) her voice and piano playing. Listen to DeDee Bridgewater and you tell me...
Oh, please, Warrenh. Someone asks a simple question about an artist he or she likes and you respond that way? What is wrong with you? If you can't play nice, don't play here. There are plenty of other forums to go to.
Hey, I couldn't resist. Can't talk about DK unless you love her? Hey, I gave you a killer female vocal...the 'gon is not for the thin skinned....happy listening
With an artist gets too popular, the criticism will follow. Classic example: Kenny G

By the way, the vinyl is out. Wonder how is the quality?
Music Direct has it
I just picked up her Greatest Hits on Acoustic Sounds. Awesome LP.
Acoustic Sounds has it.