Is DH labs Q-10 speaker cable enough for my M art

Is this cable good enough for my Martin logans ascent ,theater? or am I choked them up?any recomendation?for me they sounf fabulous.but maybe I'm missing something?
The Q-10 is a little kept-secret in the industry. I have a pair in my bedroom system and if synergistically-matched to the rest of your system, a very musical and enjoyable speaker cable. There are better, but you'd have to spend double.
any susgestions?
To get a "WOW" improvement over the Q-10, it will cost considerably more money. Every cable manufacturer seems to have an entry level & mid level cable lines that competes with all the others at a given price point. Once the cables start to cost over @ $500 MSRP for a 3M pair, differences become more apparent, but also at a greater cost. The law of diminishing returns. ie, you swap out your original Monster 14 gauge zip cord & go to the Q 10 (@ $300 difference in cost). "WOW" huge differences, "I didn't think cables made a difference!" " I am a believer" etc. Now to get that same level of "WOW" you might have to spend money on a set of cables that cost MSRP @ $900 & up.

That being said different cables, in different systems, do sound different. You should find a dealer or on line manufacturer that allows you to do an in home demo.

My wifes uncle has a Sonic Frontiers system Transport 3, Line 3, & Power 2. He originally had it coupled with ML Aerius I's, but has since upgraded to ML Odyssey's. We through Monster M-2's (price ?), Audioquest Diamonback's($ 1,000 ?), Straightwire Black-Silc ($1,800), & Straightwire Cresendo's ($2,400) at it. (prices are for 8' speaker cables). When we did the tests, all of the associated interconnects were swapped to the same level as the speaker cables.

Try as we might to like the less expensve cables, the Cresendo's just made the most emotional presentation. Quite an expensive upgrade, but if you are really into this "hoby/obsession", you make some purchases that friends & family will think you are certifiably insane!

Try some different cables in your system, only you can tell how much difference is enough & also at what cost.

Thank TON1313,I dont know hee in audiogon,that might be willing to let me audition,I'm ready now for who ever manufacature or dealer that is willing to do it.

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Armandito, did you get the email I sent VIA Agon? If no, I stated that you should contact Zu cable & speak with Adam or Sean, they will offer you their honest opinion on what you are looking for. FYI Zu does offer a 60 day in home trial period.

Please note I am not affiliated with Zu cable, I do own quite a bit of their products, and I think they have great products for the $$$.
Thanks Ton1313,I got your message,I will give them a call tomorrow.