Is denon 103 cartridge match with SME V?

Is denon 103 or 103 D match with SME V? Or you have any better suggestion.
The DL103D is a good match for the SME V. The regular DL103 has a much lower compliance, and needs a bit more effective mass than the SME V. However, I'm sure that there are numerous people out there using a regular DL103 in an SME V and liking it. So, I guess it depends on how fussy you want to be about matching.
I agree with Twl. Should work fine but may work better with a slightly higher mass arm i.e. an older SME. Sean
I'm using a DL-103D with an SME IV (similar to the V)
and it works beautifully.
The slighty lower mass of the SMW V should not matter too much. The regular DL103 runs great in a medium mass Rega RB300 as well. A lot of people in Europe love that combination. I actually have a DL103 mounted on my P3/RB300 and it works great. Can't find a better cartridge for the money (I got mine new from Phono Phono, Berlin for around $120).