Is D for Dry? Class D...

Class D sounds dry and lifeless... thats all, carry on
I read the 10audio review of the Mivera amp, a stereo stock IceEdge 1200 AS2.  Pretty bad--rolled off HF with all the deadly consequences for detail, spatiality, etc.  I'm sure the 1200 AS1 stock used for each channel would be better, but how much?  Since you believe there is nothing special about Legacy IV2, is it just a stock 1200 AS1 with fancy casework, etc.?  How do you explain the great reviews of the similar IV4 ultra, both from hometheaterhifi and our friend zephyr24069?
1. Brand biased to Legacy Audio
2. Advertising dollars

Using one channel of 1200AS2 is identical to single 1200AS1
Using one channel each of 2 x 1200AS2 is identical to 2 x 1200AS1
Using both channels of 1200AS2 sounds identical to one channel each of 2 x 1200AS2, except you have 1200w@4ohms vs 670w@4ohms for 1200AS2.

If you plan on purchasing an amp, and having Ric do his mods, why wouldn't you buy used instead of new? Once Ric's mod's are applied, you lose your warranty anyway. If you check HiFiShark, you'll almost be guaranteed of finding a used Icepower 1200as2 amp for sale.
To address the direct comment and its implications, yes, I am a fan and long term customer of Legacy Audio however I have also owned as well as heard and praised many other brands.

Brand affinity does not however mean that my ears don’t work well and I don’t know what I am hearing in the context of the system as a whole, cables utilized, etc after 12 months of nearly 100% daily listening.
Sorry Zephyr, my comments were not meant as an insult or disrespect, and if you took it that way, I apologize.

I’m biased towards Wilson Audio speakers, and my feelings are the same as yours in regards to other manufactures. However, bias does play a big part in anyone’s purchasing decision.
Everything makes a difference.  Most here are ignorant of that fact. Most people just buy stuff and listen.  They have no idea what things do inside the box.  Hardly anyone knows that every single thing you do changes the sound.  If you have 5 manufacturers using the stock IceEdge module, you will have 5 different sounds.  And 2 of the 5 would be wildly different.  Even the AC inlet makes a serious difference.......the AC wire inside, the power switch, the chassis vibrations, the hook up wire, grounding, jacks, brands of solder, etc to infinity.  Give me that exact Mivera amp in the review and one hour later with my tweaks you will have a noticeably better sounding amp without even touching the module.  Many of the mods I do to the module make it more open, dynamic and extended.  The soundstage gets larger and not in some kind of exaggerated way.  Some stock components will shrink the soundstage.....some will artificially expand it.  Some components will sound very detailed but still dry up the 3D live sound.  A large bodied guitar should should sound like a large bodied guitar.....this is how it sounds live.  It should not be a pin pointed super small cardboard cutout.  If you have a perfect recording and played back through perfect gear then you should get the exact live concert.  There is no perfect recording, there are no perfect playback components.  The fact that our stereos sound great is a miracle.....plain and simple. 

Audio is not simple.  There is no end to this game.  There are no measurements that tell you which brand of solder sounds best.  You have to listen.  Drag racing is have 5 factors.....power, weight, drag, traction and gearing.....and it is all measurable by the clock.  There is no clock in audio....there is just our ears.  Since everything makes a difference in the sound and it cannot be measured.....well.....Pandora's box times infinity.  Enjoy the ride.  If you think you "know something"......well, it is just your ego wanting to be in control.  What you what you experience.  Everything else is just guesses.  When you know yourself as essence, you will know everyone as essence.  We are all beautiful and worthy....everyone.