Is computer audio pushing up the price of CDPs?

Having heard several times, computer audio accessed via an I-PAD, I-POD and I-phones, I have to say I was impressed by the purity and ease of the sound. However, I did NOT go out and junk MY CD player and other related components

However, I am curious if the so-called purity of computer audio has set the bar higher in terms of sound quality for CDs and especially players. As evidence of this, the average price of a used player on AG seems to have increased dramatically. Many used players seem to begin at about $1500 to a range of $2000, and begin a new level that starts at $2500 and vigorously moves forward to upper $3000; then, jumps again from $4500 up several at $7000 to $9000, and a few $10,000 to $11,000 plus. These are not necessarily two piece units of separate DAC and Transport, but integrated CDP which specify the high quality of the inboard DAC, and flexibility of the player digital inputs.

I have to conclude, that consumers over the last 2-3 years, reluctant to jump into computer audio, just went out and spent 2 or 3 times more than what they would normally have spent for a CDP, assuming, AND also validating in store the sound quality of these upper tier CDPs. Were they hoping that their way over budget investment outdistanced any server file of digital music??

Would like to hear both pros and cons on the issue or issues I have provided. Thanks

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I'd say in the last 10 years, CD players have had a significant advancement in sound quality; better DAC and clock technology, transports, preventing jitter. These are not at all like the CDPs we used in the early days of digital.
Also, I think people have realized that CD and computer audio can coexist, and you need a good transport if you are using an external DAC.
There are also HiFi shops in my area (the affluent Philadelphia suburbs) where they are doing very well due to the niche market. Business obviously has decreased since the booming 80s and 90s, but there is a market for the expensive CDPs and DACs.

The HiFi niche is going strong here; but you won't find any middle of the road, affordable CD/DVD players in these stores. This tells me that the online sellers can charge more for a typical CDP due to demand since the manufacturers are phasing them out.
Small world, Jim.
World Wide Audio in Bryn Mawr is kickin ass and has expanded into higher-end. They also have impressive showrooms for HT and cater to all those wealthy Bryn Mawr suckers..."of course you need 4K right now and better upgrade your HiFi with it." Not a real quote, just my sense of humor. Actually I like that place and have bought from pressure salesmen.

There's HiFi House with 2 locations selling Wilson and the like. And of course David Lewis.
In Chestnut Hill there's Community Audio who admittedly is not selling the big ticket items they used to. It's a small shop strategically located and I hope they do well. I think I've listened to every system in the shop and they don't mind.

In the retail audio biz it's all about location, location, location.