Is computer audio pushing up the price of CDPs?

Having heard several times, computer audio accessed via an I-PAD, I-POD and I-phones, I have to say I was impressed by the purity and ease of the sound. However, I did NOT go out and junk MY CD player and other related components

However, I am curious if the so-called purity of computer audio has set the bar higher in terms of sound quality for CDs and especially players. As evidence of this, the average price of a used player on AG seems to have increased dramatically. Many used players seem to begin at about $1500 to a range of $2000, and begin a new level that starts at $2500 and vigorously moves forward to upper $3000; then, jumps again from $4500 up several at $7000 to $9000, and a few $10,000 to $11,000 plus. These are not necessarily two piece units of separate DAC and Transport, but integrated CDP which specify the high quality of the inboard DAC, and flexibility of the player digital inputs.

I have to conclude, that consumers over the last 2-3 years, reluctant to jump into computer audio, just went out and spent 2 or 3 times more than what they would normally have spent for a CDP, assuming, AND also validating in store the sound quality of these upper tier CDPs. Were they hoping that their way over budget investment outdistanced any server file of digital music??

Would like to hear both pros and cons on the issue or issues I have provided. Thanks

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That has happened in the 'changer' CDP market. The Sony 300 disc units are a good example. Sony itself sold these units as refurb's for about $100 a few years ago, now these units go for $300 plus. I have three of these units chained together. They work great, sounding almost as good as my $3000 hi end player in my main system. My computer audio is limited to ripped MP3 files for use in my mobile player. I just love that I have 900 CD's at my finger tips to quickly play. I keep the file system in an Excel spread sheet which adds to the convenience. For me it did not make any sense to put my 10,000 CDS in a computer file.