Is computer audio a bust?

In recent months, I have had several audio acquaintances return to CDPs claiming improved SQ versus their highly optimized computer transports (SS drives, external power supplies, etc, etc).

I wanted to poll people on their experiences with computer "transports." What variables have had the most impact on sonics? If you bailed on computers, why?

I personally have always believed that the transport, whether its a plastic disc spinner or computer, is as or more important than the dac itself and thus considerable thought and energy is required.

Does having a asynchronous USB help with jitter and obviate the need for reclocking or SPDIF converters, as claimed here :

Just wondering. I have the Wavelength Cosecant and love it so far.
Hi steve, I stand behind my last post, in addition, Cds are simple to use, so are records, just tring to keep a computer running great to make these post is enough, I cannot imagine the heart ache of computer audio for me!, I will take simplicity over computer audio that may or may not sound better than whats possible with dacs and cd-players, also usb is a very poor connection for audio to me, this was never intended for audio use to the begin with.
Kr4 same set up as you at least with fan-less, closet, USB and hard wired. The rest of you for the most part most have found it very difficult to go from incandescent bulb to CFLs to LEDs. "So confusing which to chose? Each works differently. It depends on the implementation". Hog wash. I am a 58yr old. Not in any type of hight tech or tech at all industry. 1.5yrs of college. No issues. Minor hiccups. But I have a brain. I am able to think and process thought and ask questions. Stop crying about change and embrace it you will be the better for it. Nothing wrong with the old ways darth vaders, but the technologies can exist together. My turntable has no issues. Live long and prosper.
Thank you JoeCasey, interesting about BDP-2 buffering capability. Are you talking about Ethernet from server to DAC? BDP-2 does not have RJ45 out, and Aeris does not have RJ-45 in.
Ethernet reply was not for BDP-2. BTW, you don't need a network or computer to play music if stored in attached USB drive to BDP-2.

You do need network for installing updates and controlling BPD-2 with PDA APPS and computer to manage the unit.
Agear, many of the posts in this thread clearly demonstrate
the convoluted nature of computer audio, the lack of consensus
on best practices, and some of the reasons computer
audiophiles will remain a niche group within this audiophile
niche group.