Is Clayton Audio Out Of Business

Trying to confirm if Clayton Audio and Wilson Shen are out of business?? I had a pair of Clayton M70 monos for a long time and they were really excellent. Had considered a pair of M100 monos fairly recently which were for sale on Audiogon. It would be a real shame if Clayton Audio has gone under. The website is dead and that is usuallly a very bad sign. Would appreciate it if anyone knows for sure and could post the answer on this board.

Last I spoke to Wilson he said that someone hijacked his website. He never registered the domain name so its gone. He mentioned that he was still operating but it seems to be very minimal at best since I have not heard about him close to a year now.

His distributor gave up the line so your mileage will vary.
I spoke to Wilson a few months ago and he was still in business and planning to release some new products.

Try him at
Of course, I checked the Web Site but as noted UP FOR SALE.
I sent Wilson an email 2/06 at his address and NO ANSWER. However, the email did not come back as UNDELIVERABLE/FATAL ERRORS, ETC. Does anybody have his telephone number? This is sad because his amps are the finest solid state I know and I have tried many. I used the M100s with an ARC Reference 2 Mark @ preamp. A great combo musically. Perhaps an email to IAR will yield a response? Somebody, please keep us informed if you find anything more than we know now. Thanks.
I want to thank Dave C. for offering me Wilson's telephone number. His effort is truly appreciated.
Then, lo and behold, I received a respponse from Wilson to my email. He affirmed that the Clayton Site had been hi-jacked but that they were in the process of constructing another. Further, he stated that "they" were hard at work on a new project(no details given) and that he would notify us when it was completed. I certainly enjoy the M100s everyday and they do help to enrich my musical enjoyment and emotional/audio health. One hopes that perhaps the promised Pre-Amp becomes a reality as well as possibly something with Surround Sound (audio especially to take advantage of SACD and video for both audio and video with DVD-A, DVD). Or even a multi channel amp. His email address is still: Let's hope "Clayton" is up and running as soon as possible with some some new product(s) as well as with renewed vigor. They deserve greater exposure. Thanks again.
Just noticed my link to Clayton is dead and found this info here. Thansk for the research guys. I just emailed Wilson. Hope he's still in biz.
Wilson is still in business.
He is currently developing a new pre-amp.
Best means of getting onto Clayton gear is:
No, as of this week I've been in contact with Terry at TRI Audio looking into becoming a dealer for Clayton.

Wilson Shen and Clayton Audio are alive and well. The rumors that their web-site got hijacked are correct.
I am looking for a Clayton S40. Does anyone happen to know where I could find one????? Please and thank you.
Hi Boonetrc,
Clayton is indeed alive and well. Go to Audio Asylum and lookup Mitch2 send me an e-mail and I will send you Wilson Shen's e-mail address. I have heard others say the lower powered Claytons, with the right speakers, sound as good as the rest of the line. I hope you like your S40s as much as I like my M300s.
Thanks for your response. I had the oppertunity to listen to the S40 once, still mad at myself for not purchasing it, but yes, it in fact is one sweet little amp. I have had 2 pioneer M 22s, which for the money I don't think any SS pure Class A amp can touch, the S40 for the value comes really close. I'm going to lookup Mitch and see what I can can find. I'm sure your M300s rock are sweet sounding. What speakers are you driving?

Hi Travis, you can see my system by engaging the "system" link next to my A'gon name below.
In Audio Asylum you will be searching user "mitch2" and you should find my e-mail address. - Tim
I could be wrong, but I understand this is the Clayton Audio homepage:

TRI Audio Marketing
TRI is the distributor and should be able to help with questions or sales. The website may need updating since my M300s have the upgraded power supply and the base price has been raised several thousand dollars over what is indicated on the site.
Besides Amps, Clayton Audio makes great power cords.
I have one and its really good.