Is CJ prem 14 a prem 10 with a remote??

i just bought a cj premier 10 and was wondering if i made the right a prem 10 the same as a prem 14 but
with a remote or is it far better?

what's the best tube for premier 10?

tank you in advance
I have a Premier l4 and am somewhat familiar with the l0. My understanding is that they are much different. The l4 uses four 6GK5 tubes. I'm not sure what the tube complement is for the l0. Enjoy your new preamp. I'm sure it sounds fine.
Try asking Conrad Johnson (Knut), they will give you an honest answer. As far as the best tube goes I have always found the stock tubes ultimately provided the best all around results / performance. Other tubes I have tried, and I have not experimented with alot of tubes, have always done a more of this a little more of that but ultimately I ended up back with using the tubes the equipment was designed for.
Just my thoughts.

Yes, ask Knut Ryerson at CJ. I think he is at:
Chuck's right, I have tube rolled with the premier 14 with good results but enjoy the stock tubes just as well, maybe better.