Is cheap, smooth, digital sound possible?

I've recently gotten into vinyl playback and have grown to love its very smooth, warm sound. I only have a few CD players in the house, none of which I would consider "smooth." They are a Sony DVP something (cheap DVD/SACD player), and an NAD T532 DVD player. I've tried listening to music on my iPod which sounded a bit more laid back, but still caused listening fatigue after a short while. Is it possible to obtain a cheap player/DAC that will have a nice, warm sound that won't give me listening fatigue so easily?
I find music streamed through a Squeezebox SB3 from Apple Lossless, and files to be smooth and cheap.
Jolida has a relatively 'cheap' CDP which is capable of very good and warm sound. An excellent budget TUBED CDP. But if you want really(!) cheap that is probably a few dollars above your expectaions.
yeah...arcam,creek,cambridge,roksan,cyrus, etc........the software is the deal maker or breaker.

No, it is not possible.
Sony Playstation 1. Smooth, cheap, no fatigue.
Try a nonos dac. The Monica from DIY paradise is pretty cheap. I have a different nonos dac, and it;s the first time I've found digital bearable.
Second the Sony Playstation. Old battery Sony Discmans are great too.
There's a Raysonic 128 for sale here. JUMP on it
yes 2nd hand Meridian transports/DAC,s can be had for around 1000. no listening fatigue at all.
Agree with Tweak1.

Bought the fully modded 128 and it is very nice.

Best of luck.
Well what I've done as a temporary solution is install Rockbox on my 5th gen iPod and set the treble cutoff frequency around 14,500 Hz. This actually makes listening bearable, but does seem to cut out a lot in the upper range. I'm willing to live with that if it gets me cheap digital playback that I can actually listen to without making my ears bleed. I may try the DIY mod that is similar to the Red Wine Audio iMod.
Stereophile did a recent review of the Sony Playstation 1, and the reviewer said he couldnt understand what all the fuss was about with the Sony he had been reading about on the web.

I'd get a Bolder modded Art DI/O DAC for ~$350 and try it with both players,then use the player that sounds best as a transport.
If you want cheap, then you will sacrifice detail. Most cheap solutions eliminate harshness and fatigue by rolling-off or compressing the highs. This also tends to compress the dynamics a bit. If you dont care about sacrificing some detail or dynamics, then go for it.

Poor AC-coupling caps are the first thing that goes cheap, and this will compress and roll-off. DC-coupled DAC's are more expensive. Power subsystem is the second thing that goes cheap, with similar effects and a big impact on dynamics.

Steve N.
Empirical Audio
Look no further ...denon 1650ar...doesnt have the hi-end sparkle like some newer players....but its overall presentation is grain free...prices vary...3-500 used...