Is CES worth the trip?

I'm curious about people's experiences at the show.
The first time is almost overload, 24 miles of displays! I concentrate on the Alexis Park Hotel (high end audio)and T.H.E. Show next door at another hotel, I forgot the name. Mark
let me put it simply: you've no idea what's goin' on in the world of audio-- high, mid and in between-- if you don't attend ces. interesting article in latest tas about t.h.e. show v. ces. worth a read.
i went last year for the first time when i was really a novice at high end audio. i went for home theater mostly. i have learned so much over this past year that i will be spending 90% of my time at alexis park as well as other demo hotels. vegas is cool 2. i love this hobby, although it had a profound effect on my wallet. ouch. go if you can.
If you read the Burn-in thread you will realise that going to CES is a waste of time. Every room you go into will sound awful because your brain takes a week or so to be burnt-in to the unfamiliar sound. Just kidding, but some people seem to believe this.
Come on down.I'll be showing at CES,Alexis Park in suite 1601-3 and across the street at T.H.E.Show in suite 1704. Should be a lot of fun.Good tunes,new toys,nice folk. Ken Lyon GreaterRanges/Neuance