Is centerclamp like TT Weights as good as TT maker


I bought a used Townshend Rock 7 turntable here on Audiogon.
The first version of this model has an unthreaded spindle and no
Record clamp. Newer version of same model now has different platter subplatter bearing and threaded spindle with a center clamp.

The problem is I am being quoted $1500 to replace platter subplatter bearing and for clamp

So would a nice center clamp from TT weights that is not threaded give same sonic improvement as the threaded one from TT maker? TT already sounds awesome. I concur with great review of turntable by absolute sound dec 2010 reviewer. The dealer swears record clamp makes it better in his opinion


1500 !! Yikes, I think a 100 dollar clamp would give you most of the threaded version and how much vynil could you get for 1400 that's left over.

The platter itself would have to be a significant upgrade to justify it in my humble opinion.

In your position I would suggest adding the total price you paid for the Townsend Rock plus the 1500 upgrade then look at what's available for that amount new or used.
I think it would be clearer to you then.
1500.00 sounds quite excessive for just the need of having a thread spindle. I would if you just look for a good reflex clamp such a Sota or Goldmund. Just make sure its a fit for the spindle.The dealer is looking for a sale and since the table sounds awesome already the clamp should do very nicely ..
I have two of the TT weights and am quite pleased!
Get something like the SOTA or Basis that does not need a threaded spindle. The Pierre Lurne is suppose to be excellent but they haven't answered my inquires. I wouldn't pay that much if you like the table as it is, just get a good clamp. Or a good record weight, they do a similar job if they are heavy. VPI uses clamps but their top table uses a weight instead.
Weights and clamps work differently and are made for different applications. If you're going to use a weight, you need to make sure it won't adversely affect the suspension of your Townsend. If it will, you'll need to use a low mass clamp.

I have the SOTA reflex clamp which I use on my un threaded tables, it works well. As we all know, all the weights/clamps have a tendency to 'bow' the record, this is especially true of the weight type.
While researching center clamps, I now realized that my turntable uses a tonearm dampening trough that gets within 1.4 inches of the spindle thereby allowing for only a very small center clamp (one that is less than 2.8 inches in total diameter). Most of the clamps I see available are 3 inches or greater.

I have a Townshend Rock 7 and in the past did try a Rek-o-Kut clamp ($50) that was narrow enough to avoid touching the trough arm.

In the end, however, I decided that the record clamp decreased the liveliness and dynamics of the Townshend analog sound, as well as made the sound less clear and very slightly "muddied the waters."

I now play vinyl records without any record clamp.