Is Cary Audio still selling CD Players?

Noticed no CD Players on Cary's web site....
I second that!, I never cared about the sound in any cary cd-players!, I owned the cd-500 and I was done after that!cheers!
Any Cary users have skipping issues?

My new 303t skips intermittently. Never know when. Just a very small skip sometimes after 1 - 3 CDs , and then not again till ?.

But it does sound great. Any ideas.
My Cary 306 SACD does almost exactly what you say your 303t does. Have you ever sent it back to Cary? I just purchased mine used several weeks ago and am considering sending in to Cary for a look. Also, it will skip on both store bought CD's & CD-R's but more often on CD-R's.

However, as you say, it does sound great and I really like it's tonality. Overall, I don't think it sounds too bright; perhaps maybe on few CD's. I believe it's the CD's, not the player responsible for the bright or sibilant vocals I rarely experience.
Contrary to the above comment, I never had a skipping problem with my Cary CD players.


Routeman mine is not bright at all. Quite lush and musical without any glare. And all the detail is there too! Just in love with the sound.

Since its a new unit I must send it back to Cary for repair under warranty. No other choice.

I'll let you know what they find, but I'm quite sure it's a transport/laser issue. Perhaps it was jarred in shipping.

We will see.