Is Cary 306 SACD PRO an upgrade over Reimyo DAP777

I currently own a Reimyo DAP777 DAC paired with a modded TEAC VRDS 10 as transport. I was planning to upgrade the transport to a newer Philips CD Pro2M based one (I cannot afford to buy Reimyo Transport). Just around this time, I have an offer on the Cary 306 SACD Pro Solid State CDP. I do not have the option of auditioning it. I do like the Warm, Rich and slight laidback presentation of Reimyo. I typically prefer a mid-hall presentation with layers of detail and clean dynamics.
While Reimyo does that, it also demands a high quality transport and digital cable all the while. I would be happy to get back to one box solution. This Cary player seems like a good option but some reviewers have mention that it has a upfront energetic presentation which may not be liked by all. This statement worries me. Sometimes when a player tries to be too energetic, it normally does not allow you to relax. I am not sure what this player is like.

I suppose both the Reimyo and the Cary are well known players so I hope to get some comparison and feedback from fellow inmates here. If it is a side wise upgrade then I am not really interested to change my existing source. Please suggest.
This is tough to answer given all the ancillary gear involved. I have a DAP-777 (Mark I) fed by a Theta Jade transport. I listen exclusively thru headphones (Sony MDR-R10) fed by a Ray Samuels Raptor tube amp. Listening thru headphones in this setup is like looking through a microscope. I love the incredible detail, but there is no loss of perspective or musicality. (However, the Sony cans are partly responsible, in that they create a very 3-D soundstage.)

I have heard the Cary 306 Pro and had similar thoughts about going to a one-box player. I heard the 306 into a Cary Cad 300 sei into my Sony headphones. I thought the detail was still there, but the presentation was more laid-back than my home set-up; I didn't find the 306 to be forward or aggressive at all. Bear in mind that I think the Cary amp is pretty laid-back. Thus, my opening remark about about all the confounding variables in this equation.

Read all the reviews you can find on the Cary CDP. If you get a good deal, go for it, and evaluate yourself. You can always resell it if it's not your cup of tea. (A long-term audition is usually much more truthful than a quick A/B anyway, in my experience).

One last point: If SACD is important to you, of course that factors in. Good luck.
Thanks for the info Dave.
I am not looking into SACD playback very seriously. I am mainly concentrating on Redbook. This is an interesting situation I am in. On one hand I have a good source playing in my room, on the other hand I have an option of buying another source which some people think is a "State of the art" machine. Reviews that I have come to read on the internet, all talk about how deep and tight is the bass of this CDP, great soundstaging etc..but no where have I read anyone saying it has an amazingly beautiful midrange or a very analogue like presentation in the body of the tones etc..
Typically, I have noticed that when these factors are there in a player, they are highlighted very strongly by the reviewer. For example, if you read a review of a Reimyo CDP or DAC, you would see a lot of praise for its midrange tonality and fluidity. This is just one example.

I did not read anything on these lines about the Cary, thats why I have finally opened this thread here to know what exactly a Cary sounds like. The word SOTA is very intriguing in this context though.

Frankly I dont want to gain some and lose some in this process of upgrade. If I have to do that I would rather listen to a player and know exactly what I am gaining and losing to make sure I would be a happier man finally.

Just to mention the partnering equipments in my chain:
Amp : Symphonic Line RG1 MK4
Preamp : Acoustic Portait PM1 Reference Tube preamp
Speakers: ATC SCM40
This setup has a very neutral yet musical presentation.

It all depends on the source on from here on what flavor you want in your room.
BTW, if I have err, I would like to err on the warmer/laidback side.