Is California Audio Labs back or who can repair it

I have been told that California Audio Labs is back in business. I have a friend that wants to purchase one of their CD Players but want's to make sure he can get it repaired before he buys one. If you have any information please let me know. Or if there are any CAL repair facilities out there please let me know too.

Approved Audio Service Inc.
49 Commons Dr
Litchfield, CT 06759
(860) 567-5801
Go Video was the last owner of California Audio Labs. When Go Video was purchased by TCL ( a Chinese Company) they sold off all of the parts, equipment, and accessories to me, I was an employee. TCL kept the California Audio Labs name and thought about using it in the future. If you see new product from them it will be from China not the old school product we all know and love.

Approved Audio Service was the best repair facility we had and would trust them to repair any California Audio product. Hope this helps!
Hi Rich1
Can you be in communication with me. I want to replace the laser in my CAL Arion mklll. Can you help. I never have a player sound so natural.
regards , jacques
Jacques- this is a 5 y.o. thread but last I knew, Approved Audio referenced by Kr4, was still in business, had parts for CAL products and did a fine job on my CL-10 a few years ago.
Yup. Still in business and I have to get over there to donate an old non-functional CL-10 that has been in my basement for years.