Is bypassing KMixer worth the trouble?

I listen to music through iTunes with Windows Vista, through digital s/pdif. Will I really gain a noticeable increase in quality by bypassing the Kmixer? And if so, how would I go about doing that?
I am just doing it...This is pretty complicated.

This is the link i found useful.I am not sure,but i think if it is done right,then the volume control (in Winamp or Foobar 2000) does not work anymore.I've just done it,and mine still works.I suck at this :(

I am not sure about sound quality,i am doing this just to try on my PC home.In my office i have really good system,i will know there.

And here is the link if you want Foobar to upsample with Secret Rabbit Code..
I wish someone with better knowledge could get into this thread.I could really use help.
I am on XP,not Vista,so i am not sure if this is of any use to you.
You would accomplish it using a player like Foobar 2000 and the WASAPI output, with exclusive control enabled. That equates to a bit perfect output. There's no way to accomplish the same thing using iTunes with Vista, as far as I know.

I don't believe that Vista uses Kmixer, but rather an improved mixer that's totally different than how XP worked. ASIO is also not something you really use in Vista to bypass the mixer, it's now referred to as WASAPI.

FWIW, I can't really hear a difference between the "bit perfect" Foobar 2000 WASAPI output and iTunes through Vista. If there's degradation in the iTunes output through Vista, either my system is not revealing enough or my ears aren't good enough.
Sheldonn,is Foobar 2000+WASAPI output functional in Vista or in XP?Also,what version Foobar are you talking about,0.8 or 0.9?
I use XP and i have had some trouble with all this recently..
If you aren't using Vista...yes. By the way, what trouble?!? Just select another output method (I recommend KernalStreaming) in Foobar2000's output preferences...

WASAPI is generating a lot of hype on the boards, but to me it sounds the same as KernalStreaming and DirectSound when using Vista on a decent computer (and my computer audio setup is not too shabby). :-)
Elmo, Vista doesn't use kmixer as already pointed out. Kmixer died with Windows XP, so you no longer have to worry about a workaround... there's no need. The "bypass" is not a big chore by any means so with XP and prior Windows yes you would be best to do it.