Is buying a used Roon nucleus plus ok?

Any concerns buying a used nucleus plus for a nice discount? 
Good idea? What could go wrong?
The Nucleus is basically an Intel NUC in a fanless case. The OS and database run of the M2 SSD drive. Since it stores the database, it gets a lot of write operations, which will, over time, degrade the drive. Depending on the quality of the drive used, the lifetime of this drive can be shorter than you'd expect.

If it uses an Intel or Samsung drive, it's probably good for several years, but if it uses one from a company like Transcend which uses lower quality chips from other vendors, it's likely to fail earlier from my experience. 

So if the Nucleus is more than a couple years old, this may need to be replaced sooner rather than later. These aren't that expensive (< $100 for a suitable one), but will require a separate PC to create a bootable OS install on a USB thumb drive to reload the OS).

BTW, This is the same thing you'd do to create your own Nucleus using a NUC and Roon ROCK. 
Is the warranty transferable? Will Roon offer customer support for resales?