Is business that good ?

Does anybody have my luck. So I'm looking to buy a few bits if kit , a streamer and a cd transport. The only dealer  for Innuos in my state shows zero interest in giving me a demo of the brand / operation even though they say they have a Innuos unit with them. I've sent a simple question to a manufacturer twice now asking if they will really be releasing a transport and no response. Is business that good they don't need anymore. I am quite perplexed. 
A lot of businesses are just trying to keep their head above water, with reduced staff, traditional office staff now distributed, etc.  Service levels almost everywhere are not what they once were.
even if you get great response from a dealer/manufacturer, you might still want to ascertain if you think they will still be around after another year of hardships, i.e. future upgrades/repairs/exchange ...
That kind of stuff happens - although I want to be uber responsive to emails - I get 90 each day!  I don't have the time to do anything if I answer each email and phone calls.
You could try the Cambridge Audio CXC transport and either their CXN v2 or their 851n streamers. Not as high end as what you’re looking for but solid performers
Just wait a few months, I’m prototyping a streamer that already outperforms almost anything under $10k.  I’m listening to it right now.
@grahams248, I contacted the US Distributor and he wants to hear from you about your dealer issues and take care of you. Please contact Mark Sossa, Well Pleased AV at  703-750-5461, his website,             My experience with Innous has been very positive in how they sound, and their looks are top shelf, contact Mark and give him a chance to solve your issues. Kemper
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I have had a few dealers tell me last year was a big year for them, unfortunately not enough new stock but what comes in goes fast

I would move on from Innous.  There are better options out there for the money.