Is Bryson BDA-1 still up to date.

I am looking to upgrade my DAC and am considering a BDA-1. I know this is a couple year old design. Is this still a good option or is there something better out there in the under 1500 used price range. I have a MHDT Havanna Dac now and want to keep some of the sweetness with a bit more detail.
What's your transport and method of connection?

I had the Bryston and moved to the M2 Tech Young Dac which was far better and it is only $1,500.00

Dealer disclaimer.
Don't wanna name names but I read someone sayin, actually complaining maybe, that the Bryston sounded no better than the Adcom GDA 700 they had.
I am using a sony cd player and running computer audio through an apple airport express. I liked the bryston due to the ability to use multiple inputs and switch inputs from the front of the unit.
If you are basically happy with the sound, I would try some cheap tweaks before switching. In my experience, placing components on cones or other hard footers tend to lean out the sound slightly, which may be what you are looking for. Cleaning up the midbass often gives the impression of more clarity, but possibly at the expense of fullness. You might also try a different IC, if you have several around, as most people here seem to.
The only thing that's really out of date on the Bryston is its USB input.
I am not going to be using the USB so I guess the Bryston could work for me. Anyone have experience with the BDA-1 to give their experience on the sound?
I had a Wyred DAC 2, which I replaced with a Bryston BDA-1 (after getting a Bryston BDP-1). I find the Bryston to be slightly more forgiving than the Wyred, while the Wyred is slightly more resolving. I can listen to an Andrew Bird cut on the Bryston that I couldn't listen to on the Wyred. I believe the Wryed's best feature is its USB response. I like the Bryston better for CDs.
I don't own the BDA-1, but I've heard it extensively. If I had the funds, I'd buy it without regret. But I own a Bryston B60, so of course I'm biased. As was mentioned earlier, the only 'out dated' thing is the USB is limited to 44.1 or something similar. Most others are too though.

If you have a local dealer and they don't have a BDA-1, ask to hear the BCD-1, as they sound very similar.
I have the Bryston BDA-1 and the W4S DAC2 and agree with Sboots in that if you aren't using the USB input then the Bryston is superior. I find it extremely musical and more analogue-like. And the AES/EBU connections are the way to go, regardless of the DAC/Transport.

I also have found that digital interconnects do make a huge difference. The WyWires are the best for the money IMHO.
Ksl822 How does the bass compare between the Bryston and the Wyred 4 Sound? I am trying out a Wyred DAC2 and love the bass and the resolution but I believe it could be more musical in my system.
I believe that the Bryston is more dynamic with more room for the music. Bass is about the same, but the Bryston is closer to an analogue sound. The W4S works best with their IS2 digital input.
BDA-1 is still a great sounding DAC. The lack of 24/192 USB input is the only limitation. Even so, you can get yourself an excellent MF V-Link 192 USB/SPDIF converter to play HD files from your computer.
What did you decide on?